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  1. SignGo is very good software to use.I install this software in my PC and use this software for 30 days I really like it.But I think that the price of the software to buy is high to buy.I am use this software with pcut.Yeah If you want to buy the software obviously buy it.Thanks
  2. cherylfoster

    what printer do you have?

    I am currently using Hp laserjet 1020.Which is very good for is Inexpensive printer from HP.This printer look very stylish in gray colour.The weight of this printer is just 4 to 5 KG.It has 234 MHZ processor and only two MB memory support.It has average speed of printing 12.55 PPM.Thanks
  3. cherylfoster

    Most popular t-shirt colors

    Normally I prefer to ware blue jeans and good T shirt on Jeans or normal pan with T shirts.I have currently 6 T shirts in different colour and design.Normally I like to ware white-blue colour T shirt to wear.I also like white T shirt on blue pant it look nice.Thanks