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  1. hmmm.$40 cable..that would be WorstBuy - formerly known as BestBuy. So far so good...did 2 more signs 20x36 and using the reset button all went well.
  2. tservice..not a stupid question. I didn't turn anything off. After it cut perfectly I would push: 1. "Online" on the front control panel of the cutter. 2. Hit the downward arrow to advance the vinyl enough to cut off. 3. Push "reset" on the front control panel (which automatically put it back online if I remember correctly). 4. Line up the vinyl for a new cut. A couple other things I did was in SignBlazer I clicked "finish" after each good cut, then clicked it back to the cut screen to cut. Also I noticed that on the good cuts the "sending to printer" (progression indicator box that pops up when you hit cut) only stayed visible for a short time. When it was a bad cut and not going to finish that box stayed on there the whole time. As far as the USB, I don't think that made a difference. I did have 1 good cut before I changed it. Also, it messed up after I changed it. I think I'd try the reset trick before spending $40. Hope you get yours working.
  3. Happy Dance going on here. I just got 4 of them cut without any problems!!!!! BannerJohn, you're a genius. (maybe I owe you the PCut). Thank you, Thank you. It seems the trick is RESET. In between cutting each design, I would hit reset. Each one cut great, 4 in a row. I really hope it wasn't a fluke and this is all you have to do. Thanks for taking the time to help BannerKINGJohn and Ken. Much appreciated.
  4. Banner John..thank you very much for your help. I had that same thought and have already tried that. Once again, I celebrated too soon. Here is what I have done: 1. Turn off puter and cutter. 2. Installed new USB cable. 3. Turned on puter, then cutter, then start SignBlazer, open saved design, cut. Beautiful! Worked perfectly. 4. Hit cut again on the same design. It started cutting and then stopped with about 97% of the way done. (this is just a simple 2-digit number, size: 18x30). 5. Shut everything down. Turned everything on and started up in the same sequence as in #3 above. Guess what.. another perfect cut. Yeah, I thought I'm onto something here. Shut down and restart. Its a pain, but I can live with it. 6. Ready for next cut. Shut down and restart as above. It starts cutting and stops about 85% complete. Said a few choice words and shut it off. Haven't tried again. Don't know what to do. You mentioned reset..I will try that. Thanks again. These boards and community are wonderful. P.S. Ken, Send BannerJohn a Pcut - I need the help..and I'm NOT KIDDING.
  5. Ok, went and bought new USB cable. First cut worked perfectly, then it started doing it again. It gets about 3/4 of the way finished in the design and then just stops. Thank you for the help BannerJohn, thought we had it with the first cut, but I celebrated too soon. I don't think this is a computer issue. I bought a brand new computer just to run the cutter. The only program installed is SignBlazer. I am running Vista and have only had problems on large designs. This is puzzling. Like I said, it will cut small designs perfectly 6x6, 10x6, a strip of 3 designs 6x23.5. It just will not cut the bigger ones consistently. I have tried to cut this "83" out 9 far I have 2 perfect and 7 that are trash. I have to get 4 more good ones...I have a long way to go and a lot more wasted vinyl if I can't figure out why it's doing this.
  6. Kenimes, I tried changing the baud rate on the cutter and in the software. It didn't help. Now it only cut out the inner circles of the "8" and then quit. Signblazer goes to "not responding" and you can't even get out of it - you have to do a full restart of the computer (which it does everytime this happens). I think I have tried everything short of changing out the USB cable that came with the machine. Do you have any other suggestions?
  7. I am having this exact same problem on large cuts. I am trying to cut an "83" for a race car. Size is 18x30. I have tried twice. First time it cut most of the 8 and then quit. Status bar in signblazer is moving, saying sending data, but pcut says waiting. It does not go and signblazer actually freezes up. I have to restart the computer to get out of it. The second time I tried, it cut all of the 8, started the 3, and then froze, with the same situation as before. This only happens on larger cuts. 6x6 cuts will cut all day long. This is the second large cut I have tried and the same thing happened with it before. I read all the posts here, uninstalled software, re-installed newest version from signblazer website, checked all settings and cables, etc. I did finally get the first one to cut eventually (I think after 5 trys)..a BIG waste of vinyl. So now, I having the same problem and wasting a lot of vinyl. Please help. It is very frustrating as we cut this cutter mainly to do our race car numbers. Thank you.
  8. dj

    Importing gif or jpeg blurry

    Here you go. There are 2 of them. I can't get either to work. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. Hello all..I am new to this and want to THANK everyone for their generoisity in helping everyone here. It is why I bought from US Cutter. My problem is importing a gif or jpeg. I can get it to import, but the quality of the image is all distorted. It is a logo ..square box with 3 intials, followed by text of the company name. The text imports all squiggly, jagged lines. I convert it to monochrome..still distorted. Then vectorize and only parts of it come out. I also tried importing in Inkscape, saving as eps, then calling into SB. It wont import to SB, workspace stays blank. Please help. This is driving me nuts. Thank you!