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  1. davefox

    Copam 2500

    You can also try using a serial/parallel upgrade card. I had to install a second parallel port card for my HP DesignJet plotter because it through a royal fit with everything on the serial port or through the Jet Direct card. It would not work through a switch at all. I had no luck with my 51" on the USB or parallel port. It works great on the serial port at 9600 baud. Those cards are about $30 or less at CompUSA if there is one near you or online at any number of places. There are other place to get them also depending on where you are.
  2. Just a thought, I have about 300+ yards of silicone impregnated 1.1 oz rip-stop nylon that I used to use for model rocket parachutes. I will try and get some light aluminum and make a little bracket and some rods to hold the material up if any of you are game. Be warned, the colors are bright! Had something to do with being visible from below. Raspberry(pink), Lime,(Green), Lemon(Yellow), Cantelope(Not quite orange), and a couple others. You can be both fashionable and if enough sleep deprivation is used, a little psychotic! This stuff is really slick to the touch, and I think the vinyl will slide over it no matter which side is rubbing. Problem was it was expensive.
  3. davefox

    Cutting speed

    I was playing with some ORACAL 751 2mil high performance cast vinyl last night and was around 4-8 IPS and anywhere from 20 to 100 grams of force. The letters were about 1/4" and it cut OK. Like all small print it weeds poorly and you have to be careful in the corners and all the interior spaces. I think I will try getting a squeege and modify it to press down on the part of the letter I want to keep so it will stay put while I work the rest of the vinyl. The material is not very stable on the backing so you really need to pay attention to not move the letters as you weed them. This stuff is really limber. I ws just playing and writing down what I did and what I got. I really liked the 4-8 IPM and 20 to 40 grams was better than 100 grams. I agree that it depends on what you are using.
  4. I experienced the same types of things. I am running the PNC 1000 driver on COM1 and it works great. I think that most of the problems with USB and LPT1 can be traced back to Windows and driver conflicts. This reminds me of legacy hardware problems with NT4 and the early XP releases. I am almost thinking that Windows looks at this driver as a legacy code and deals with it accordingly, as in not at all.
  5. davefox

    What driver do I use in Flexi for the MH1351

    I used the parallel, then the USB, and finally went to the serial port and the plotter fired right up on the Roland driver for the PNC 1000 on COM1. I am running FlexiSign Pro 7.5 and it cuts flawlessly. Like all small cuts, weeding is a real pain. Corners are almost always stuck together on the high performance 2mil products. Even with the appropriate boxes checked on the cut properties dialog box.