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  1. In response to other posts about my issue. (Thanks Marcuso for looking into the issue) My cutter is less than 5 months old & ran less than 2 10 yrd rolls thru it. My career in the telephone business was as a Tech installing and servicing Key & PBX systems- my last being a carrier class PBX with 20,000 users...last year. that includes voice mail, Auto attndant IVR systems, & ACD. US Cutter's system has a hold recall timer set at 10 minutes that dumps you back to the auto attendant with a recording telling you to either press # to go to the main menu or it intentionaly hangs up on you. Try it...The LAST thing ANY business should do is HANG UP ON A CUSTOMER FOR ANY REASON. I do agree that you pay more for quality. That being said, If I buy a $1 burger off the value menu, I expect that burger to be served with repect & have value of $1 I don't agree that any business should treat any customer any other way Levi Hartzog id the person who answered my ticket, asked for pics, & then didn't reply ar respond to the ticket for 2 days. When I finally did get a live body to answer on day 3...that tech put me on hold to ask Levi about the ticket. 10 minutes later I heard someone pickup & immediately put me on hold again.....after almost another 10 minutes announcement, nothing. This was not the only bad experience I had with US cutter. In December I purchased several hundred dollars of software. One of the discs had 5 folders on it & one was corrupted -the folder would not open, locked up the computer...the other 4 were fine. I went thru the same kind of treatment...forever to get thru to a human. The tech had to access my computer to see for himself that the file was bad....couldn't send me a new one, didn't have them in stock....would take a week to get one from their vendor....He assured me he'd call me back with an update.....never did...I had to called back 3 times. I spent all that time jacking with a middle man who treated my issue with no respect. Software on disks are bad from time to time I know. So getting a bad one & being able (and willing) to correct those issues shouldn't be like pulling teeth. Their tech demanding that he access my computer to see for himself is as much as calling me a liar in my opinion. They finally did connect me directly with the vendor who IMMEDIATELY appologized & within a few minutes provided me with a link to download the file. Not only that, but she sent me an entire new disk- The vendor was extremely courteous & was excellent. I have done repeat business directly with her since then. For those defendng US Cutter -you must have a better relationship with them -Great. I'm truly glad for you -that's what you deserve as a customer. For those who have been treated with anything less that decent customer service...I hope that you do complain so that US Cutter will realize how much better their business would be if they only treated eveyone with a little repect...That being said -I will mention the ONLY employee I have ever talked to there that was Very respectful & helpful was Howard....He obviously is a very good person & tech....
  2. I am really sorry about the problems you experienced; the problems you experienced are not acceptable. What part are you looking for? How did it break?

  3. I've been in business in different indistries for several years & My screenprinting business has taken off since I started it 16 months ago. It utterly shocks me that US Cutter can operate a business with such poor customer service and employee attitudes in this day and time. I have Never, Ever run across such poor cutomer service in my life. Their phone system is intentionally set to disconnect you after 10 minutes of hold time unless you opt to go back to the main menu & start over. Unbelievable!. goodby Click! I spent 2+ hrs in the hold cycle on Monday (with 5 disconnects) and another hour and 45+ minutes yesterday with 4 disconnects. One of those disconnects being intentional - Finally I did reach a person, who put me on hold. After the 10 minute hold cycle I was picked up & immediately put on hold again to clear the hold recall timer....After nearly 10 more minutes was picked up & disconnected. I've worked in the Telephone industry for 28 yrs...I know what is happening. All of this grief over a small piece of plastic -the arm that holds the blade cutter via a thumbscrew..A piece that should be stocked by the hundreds and cost no more than a couple bucks retail at the be then told that I must buy a complete $25 carriage assembly. Does the OWNER of US Cutter know that stocking that little part (which seemed to surprise the person I talked to that it broke) could keep existing customers coming back for other larger purchases??? Certainly the employees I talked to didn't understand that concept at all. In my business I occationally give an item like that away for FREE, knowing that keeping the cutomers happy with an insignificant inexpensive item will keep them coming back as their businesses grow & expand to more & larger purchases. Needless to say, I won't be doing further business with US cutter, and I did file a complaint with the BBB. From the looks of the poor service across the board from both this forum and others, That's the only way that MAYBE US Cutter will ever wake up & make some business practice and management changes. Just complaining on these forums will probably never change anything. It just amazes me that in 2011 a company can treat customers so badly & still be in business.