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  1. keetch

    Got My Titan Yesterday

    the Titan is the same thing as my cutter supposedly and if you need instructions you can find it at
  2. keetch

    Anyone with embroidery software...

    not sure the file attached, can send via email if you like
  3. keetch

    a few for everyone!

    here is the jpeg of the punnisher and ss eps, could not open the sbd. files, not sure what they are sue
  4. keetch

    Will someone vectorize this for me?

    how is this arrow.eps arrow.eps
  5. keetch

    Security Camera or Video Surveillance Sign

    ok made this one up, not perfect but getting there sue UNDER SURVEILLANCE.eps UNDER SURVEILLANCE.eps
  6. keetch

    New logo for our school fund raiser

    looks great
  7. thats great thanks, is this feature only available in flexistarter? sue
  8. keetch


    mine did this, it was the motherboard that needed to be replaced
  9. keetch

    contour cuts

    skeeter have you tried this? sue
  10. keetch

    contour cuts

    with so many cutters out there, what small one will contour cut that are affordable sue
  11. keetch

    please help me

    thank you very much
  12. keetch

    please help me

    this just isnt cooperating for me, i need just the animals not the black shirt thanks in advance if anyone can help sue
  13. there can only be 1 winner.......KEEEEETTTTTCCCCHHHHH lol
  14. how is this? not sure how to cut it tho lol potato lady.eps potato lady.eps