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  1. vinylmotivations

    looking for this ball
  2. vinylmotivations

    LARGE cut for wall

    I know we are getting ready to do a customer's wall above her stairwell.... Will post some pictures when finished, but it will be 13' wide by 9' tall....
  3. vinylmotivations

    Best application Tape

    I use 4075 RLA, instead of the 4076... I find it to be a little less aggressive for wall vinyls and allows easier release when the graphics are going on a textured wall. Just my .02c
  4. vinylmotivations

    Cobra ink

    I have had one of his printers for 3 years now and the silly thing runs like a champ. I never thought I would love it as much as I do for an inkjet printer. Had some issues with it just a couple weeks ago and emailed Richard- He knew I bought it forever ago and it would be far out of warranty but within 3 emails he had me back up and running! I have a WF1100 and back then he automatically installed the CIS systems- save yourself the headache and pay the 20$ extra or whatever the packing fee is to have it installed from him so it is ready to go out of the box. I believe the comparable model now is an artisan model or this one...
  5. vinylmotivations

    Font Help : Hello.

    Sorry guys normally don't ask for help with this kind of thing here... I am at a show today and need to find this one asap.... Thanks! Matt.
  6. vinylmotivations

    Car outline

    I like the work Eric Schmidt does over at He would do this for you easily and in a matter of a couple hours tops. Email him for a quote and you won't be sorry!
  7. vinylmotivations

    First Lost Package!

    FedEx for me- I had a cutter shipped to me (private sale) and had an endcap destroyed in addition to the question of long-term issues such as being tweaked/accurate etc. They paid for both endcaps to be replaced as the only ones available were of different color (black instead of cream, on my FC7000) and also gave me a couple hours-worth labor for a Graphtec authorised repair center to look at it. It was very easy and all I had to do was send them pictures, I had a check in a week.
  8. vinylmotivations

    Corel Draw Tips & Vids

    I have also used the stuff from GG at
  9. vinylmotivations

    Repeating Camo

    Anyone have any repeating camo pattern s they might share... creating a Window graphic for a combat style laser tag company and need a a background.
  10. vinylmotivations

    My vinyl keeps jamming!

    If you look directly above the center roller there is a white bracket or upside down "u" mark... you cannot have the center roller under any portion of it... Note, look from the front of the machibe to see this. messaged you on Facebook.
  11. vinylmotivations

    My vinyl keeps jamming!

    Is one of the pinch rollers on the center bearing of the feed roller in the middle. ?.
  12. vinylmotivations

    Cheap Labor

    I have a tuxedo kitty that is the same way- Talks and has wayyy lots of personality. My old siamese had an attitude- 6lbs and would chase my 400lb buddy around the house. It was hilarious.
  13. I run on 20 a lot at shows so I don't have customers waiting- with 751 though I often only am at 11 for pressure... I would check your blade depth.
  14. vinylmotivations


    Assuming you're using cutting master and corel, there should be a cutoff selection in the advanced settings. However if there is no blade loaded in the cutoff head then it won't accomplish anything.
  15. vinylmotivations

    Best (economical) vinyl for walls

    I have used the Mactac 8900 and Oracal 631. 631 is STILL my go-to vinyl. Mactac DOES have a few colors that used to be not otherwise offered (Burgundy) but now Oracal has it. I like the Oracal better only because I can use my RLA R-tape transfer without any issues with it. The RLA Tape on mactac tends to want to peel horribly all by itself. I have a 10yd roll of mactac 8900 burgundy if anyone wants it! 20$ plus cost of shipping- no more than 5$ or I will pay the rest.