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  1. Mr_Peanut

    Need some help

    I tried that, but when i pasted back to Illustrator, it just gave me little black boxes with some weird symbol in them. I will take a look at what you did and see if that will work. thanks for the help.
  2. Mr_Peanut

    Need some help

    Guess i probably should have asked this one in the Illustrator forum huh, sorry dcbevins, i would appreciate it if you could give it a shot. I save backwards to older versions of Illustrator and as long as its vectored and not left as a font, it works just fine. I have 2 signs to make right now if you would be willing to give it a shot. Dont worry about size so much, i can scale as needed as long as its vectored. CAUTION HAZARDOUS NOISE AREA HEARING PROTECTION REQUIRED WHEN MACHINES ARE OPERATING And this one DANGER-----HIGH VOLTAGE-----KEEP OUT Wildgoose, I need it to be in actual written Arabic language, not just Arabic font. From what i understand, CS6 and up has the capability of doing Arabic. I have the Arabic font installed in my font library, but not the same thing, that just makes arabic looking letters, but not the actual written language.
  3. Mr_Peanut

    Need some help

    Been a long time since I have been here, havent done much sign stuff lately. But I need some help and was hoping someone here could assist. I will try to keep this short. I am currently deployed to an "undisclosed location" and our sign shop computer crashed. We are having some difficulty with Big Air Force allowing us to reinstall our software, very long story. My problem is I am only running Illustrator CS4 from my personal laptop to do sign work on then SignBlazer to the cutter. The problem is some of the signs require the Arabic translations as well, but I cant do it in CS4. Is there any chance that one of you out there can send me a vector of the signage that I need in older CS4 format so i can make these signs? Its all simple language such as "Danger High Voltage" type things. I just dont have the capability from my software and im not interested in purchasing anything to make this happen as i cant install in on government computers and i dont really have a need for it after i am gone from here. If anyone out there is willing to give me a hand on this, i would be greatly appreciative.
  4. Mr_Peanut

    Championship Logos

    Does anyone know where I can find the UK 8 Championship and UL Championship logos?
  5. Mr_Peanut

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Thanks Banner John. My cutter has been sitting collecting dust for about 2 yrs now, in part due to I couldnt get Sign Blazer to work with my new laptop. Finally found the link you posted and this got me working again. Now to cut up some vinyl!! I dont even mind the trial windows that I have to click through either. Just happy to have it all back up and running.
  6. nice video, anyone have anything similar to that in Illy??
  7. Mr_Peanut

    Sandblasting Questions

    if you are interested in getting started in sandblasting definitely go check out cutting edge. those guys are a tremendous wealth of knowledge that they are more than willing to share. pick up a big compressor and its nice to have a cabinet and pressure pot, both of which can be picked up fairly cheap from Harbor Freight. As for media, you will want to use either silicone carbide or aluminum oxide and most work with a 180 to 220 grit
  8. Mr_Peanut

    Aircraft outlines

    And a few more A10 A10 A10 Top A 10 A10 A10 A10 Top A 10
  9. Mr_Peanut

    Aircraft outlines

    Here are a few A10 and A10 A10 Outline A10 Outline A10 and A10 A10 Outline A10 Outline
  10. Mr_Peanut

    stickers on ebay

    I wondered this very same thing. So....I decided to go ahead and list a few HD decals. didnt take long before the ebay police were knockin on my inbox to let me know that I needed to stop. they did say that there was a complaint from HD and they are aware that there were others doing the very same thing, but I was the one that got singled out so I had to stop. They gave me a person to contact with HD to discuss the matter and for me to stop immediately and ended all of my illegal listings. Nothing ever happened and I never heard anything further from Harley or ebay. So, lesson learned for a newbie and I havent listed any copyrighted items again. thanks Todd
  11. Mr_Peanut

    Kentucky Wildcats

    Bardstown here too!!
  12. Mr_Peanut

    USMC Logo

    here are a couple of good link for some military logos. or for some Air Force specific graphics.
  13. Mr_Peanut

    Grand Prix inserts

    that turned out nice F-Body. I will try to give that a shot when I have time. Thanks Eric for the quick tutorial, sounds easy enough. Now if can just apply it. Todd
  14. Mr_Peanut

    Grand Prix inserts

    I guess I could have explained that a little better huh. You are pretty much on it Eric. the rear bumper and front license plate cover have he word "PONTIAC" inset into them. I am looking for the graphic so I can cut the decals to put in them. I have tried to take what is on BOTW and other sites and make them work, but I just cant get the fitment right. thanks for the link showaride Thanks Todd
  15. Mr_Peanut

    Grand Prix inserts

    i tried several times to get it right, but I never could get a good fit, I will keep hammering away at it and will eventually figure something out. Or i could just break down and buy them, but what fun is there in that?? thanks Todd