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  1. If you were running a different program with your cutter see if windows 7 will let you run it in that version. But before you do that, you might have to update to Windows 7 ultimate or windows premium to change the mode. look under program manager and right click on the plotter's program and then left click on properties. you should see under here the mode to run the program under to to make compatable to
  2. tazmedic716

    computer and laser communicating

    Amazing what a different computer does!!! Thanks little brother!!!
  3. tazmedic716

    New Some Input Please

    NO lashes my vote!!!
  4. tazmedic716

    computer and laser communicating

    I actually started off with it in a front usb port. got a multiple hub port and hooked it in the back. Had laser on and hooked up when installing driver. Got to reading in Photograv and think I might have one answer. Tell you bout it later. Haven't tried to print in Corel yet. Might have a solution for the dongle with Engrave too. Found a cheap external floppy.
  5. tazmedic716

    Jury Duty, Anyway around it?

    Tell them you feel they are guilty even before the trial starts. Tell them you have prejudices in thinking that everybody at trial is guilty. They don't like that.
  6. tazmedic716

    computer and laser communicating

    I just got a used Pinnacle laser and hooked it up this week. I am having problems getting the laser and my computer to communicate. When I look at my device manager, it recongized the laser. But when I try to send a file to it....No go. I had to buy a cable that hooks to the parallel port on the laser but to a usb port on my computer. Open for ideas as to what the problem(s) is(are).
  7. tazmedic716

    License number for Corel Draw X3

    If you haven't uninstalled your old version, start looking at the different files in the program. Your key to the program will be in one of the files (that are notepad files).
  8. tazmedic716

    Initial Frames...

    Is this glass etching with a coloring or vinyl decal?