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  1. To US Cutter shipping (that was the mane?) first at all where they do response de thicket. I never received an eMail to my gmail posted in the ticket. Aniguay. Apparently the only solution is to buy the entire carriage. This is it. final discuttion. Thanks... By the way I wondering how is possible you can have it that samll part... Thanks good is not a car, and I don't need just an carburator or something like that. Mabe they only sell the finished engine!!!! thanks good that we only talks about a plotter!!!! OK.already now when type of service post selling to wait...NONE!
  2. I recently send again a new ticket. That is the number USO-642174 What will be the next excuse?
  3. Ok this is already enough for me. I already put the ticket to the center of support (two times) I wrote already in the forum. I wrote already directly to the member USSCUTTER SUPORT. And now I receive this response. 18 messages, shares and comments so that he says to me briefly WE ARE NOT GOING TO SOLVE YOU YOUR PROBLEM HERE. In my country (Paraguay) to this it is called "to apply the law of the nembotavy". Expression in Guarani (our second language) who means: to apply the law of the idiot. Concluding: This does not work at all.
  4. Hi people. Just for the records I wrote two days ago to USS CUTTER SUPORT directly a private message about my requesting for the part that I need. No answer until today. I'm still waiting.... Ommmmmmmmmmmm Ommmmmmmm Ommmmmmm (doing a little of yoga meanwhile)
  5. kabar

    Problems with window 7

    Thanks for your coment...I'll take note of your advaice. Unfotunatelly I just have the notebook to do all my works... >o)
  6. Hello!!! In the past I was using the SB with window xp without any type of problems. But since I changes to the window 7 certain problems started appearing. One of them is that the computer is hung. I don't know if you use the term to "hang" but it is when the computer does not allow you to do anything and does not work. This happens normally when I use the SB for a long period of time (more than 20 minutes). Another problem that appears is that whenever I change the port usb between my printer and the plotter, I have to re install again the plotter as port of impression. However much it represents the plotter as installed in the menu of Devices and Printer, if not re install the plotter, the SB does not recognize to the plotter and when I give him the command of cutt, there appears a message of which the plotter is not installed. I hope to have been capable of making to understand and to explain to them correctly my problem. Grettings Carlos
  7. I entered before wrote to USCutter support to the link that roxanne suggest me. There is only the entire carriage for the MH. Thanks anyway roxanne.
  8. Yes I putt two tickets. The cost to call from southamerica is not cheap at all. But that is not an issue. For me the problem isn't call or not to call.The point for me, is that I don't have an answer to a simple YES/ NO question. (Do USCutter have or not the part I request). In fact I can putt an online order to buy the entire Carrige and the problem will be solved, but that is not the point. The point is the post sale service. Thanks for all who answer to my post. By the way, I wrote in spanish the ticket, because it suppose they speack in spanish to.
  9. I wrote three weecks ago requestin information for a part for my MH871. The blade carriage slot. After the first weeck witouh answer I wrote again. The same result...nothing! I did not obtein any response What do I have to do, to get attention from USCutter service??? I just want to know IF THEY HAVE the part that I need, how much it cost. I don't want a gife, or they give me for free. I'm really anger. I need an answer please. Thanks Carlos Barba Paraguay/ Southamerica
  10. Hello people. I'm starting to get mad with the USCutter... Could you believe they didn't take contactact with me about my question? Could anybody help me about were I would get the blade carriage slot? Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot in advance!!! Carlos
  12. Hello people out there. My name is Carlos and I am from Paraguay, South America. At the beginning of year I buy the model USS CUTTER 871. I chose this model because in an alone beginning it would use it so that I help in my works of aerografia. But a thing takes other one and now I am doing my own rowers, with vinyl to be used with heat press. Some I have already sold them between my friends. Even this point everything was well. But since we do not live in a perfect world, the problems started appearing. I Buy a new notebook HP that windows 7 was coming with pre installed and up to the moment I have problems of compatibility with the software Sign Blazer that came with the plotter. The problems that demonstrate are: 1. Whenever I turn on the notebook I must re install the driver of the plotter again. 2. When I am employed in a lot of time at a project, the sign blazer is hung and I have to re initiate the machine. 3. It gives me errors of courts in big works, with the consequence wasting time and money. So that the situation is more interesting, I have broken Blade Carriage Slot. I have written to the technical support of USS cutter without success, they have not even been deigned to answering me and this is already more than one week ago. I have seen that sell Carriage Arm, but not if they sell separately the part that I need. if anyone can give me a hand in the points that it mentions more above I will be deeply grateful. Thanks in advance. Carlos PS: apologize for my bad English