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  1. I am pretty new at this and am still trying to figure out my pricing. Most of the time I charge $25 for a first time setup / design fee, Then I Charge $.10 a square inch for vinyl for each color, so if its 2 colors I charge .10/square inch for the secound color ontop of the first color. Then I usually charge a flat rate of $50 to stick it on depending how big it is. If it is real big or if the job is aways away I will charge a little more. I think I might be a little high on my pricing but I am not Sure could anyone help me out.
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    Is My Prices Off

    Charge by the letter sorry not by the little
  3. Country Signs

    Is My Prices Off

    Thanks For the info Do you charge less for bigger jobs or is it a flat rate. I know some people charge by the lettle but it is alot easyer for me to just charge by the square inch.
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    What is a good clear app. tape?

    I have been doing a number of two color truck lettering and decals and i was wondering what the best application tap is to use. I am using a clear right now it works good untill the customer takes it and trys to put it on their truck and alot of the time the letters do not peal off the backing like they should. I have found that the milky white tape works the best but it is harder to layer the two colors. Does any one have any good ideas or tricks i can use to make my life easyer?
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    Chrome Vinyl

    I have a request to put on some chrome lettering on a truck for a customer. I have not used chrome vinyl yet and I am having a hard time finding what to us, everthing I find is only two year outdoor vinyl. Is that all there is, or is there somthing out there that sombody uses that works good?
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    Outdoor Sign Board

    What is a good outdoor sign board to use? I have a possible customer that wants a bar sign and I am having trouble finding a good material to use. I don't want to use wood, I am thinking plastic but am not sure. Is there a common material that everyone uses that is easy to get or any ideas would be great?
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    Gerber Mask Ultra?

    Has anyone every used Geber Mask Ulta for pant mask and if so what is the best type of app tape to use? Its for some airplane painters and they want me to use it because they like working with it the best and I don't really know much about it other then its a low tack.
  8. I Have a Roland GX-24 and i have a request to make paint masks for airplanes. He asked if my cutter would write out the design on paper so he can get an idea of how it will fit on the plane before i cut it out on vinyl. Just wondering if there is a pen of some kind out there to put in the cutter instead of the blade and if so what the pressure settings might be?
  9. I Have a question on doing business signs for a company that has their own TM Logo. I am just a one man sign company and new at this. There is a new ag company moving in and I could possibly do their pickups and truck signs, but am not sure what the process may be. Do they have the logo on a file that they would give me to print or cutout and is that legally safe to do so or do i have to recreat the logo to match theirs and is that legally safe.
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    What is a good clear app. tape?

    Thank You for your help. I really like the idea of the clear i wonder if i get a lower tak clear if that would work. Then i can layer the colors, peal it off, and then put the paper app tape on to send out to the customer.