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  1. twicoin

    Screen Printing Epson 1430

    I have a 1430 and print to inkjet transparencies and waterproof film all the time for creating washout sand blast mask. Same as for screen printing. I don't usually put more that one in as they stick together. Looks like the item your showing is just a page separator. If you need to print multiples and walk away that my be your only option but if you can just feed each sheet I would say you don't need that. You may be having issues if the page is from a roll and curled missing the sensor? Epson will tell you it isn't compatible with transparencies so they won't be much help calling them. I have printed hundreds of transparencies so I know it can be done. I would try flattening a piece out first and see if that helps. If not, try a flat sheet not off of a roll. Will it print to a full 13 x sheet no problems? I have found the paper sensors to be pretty sensitive on this printer. If all else fails, the film I usually use has a 3/8 white strip at the top. I peel it off if I need the full page but most of the time it stays. The strip is there to trick a sensor into thinking its paper and not a clear sheet. You could try a strip of tape but I would try that only as a last resort since it may get stuck in the rollers. I have never tried it but have read others doing so with success. If none of those help then sorry. I got nothing else. Good luck
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    Thanks very much
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    Basic vine with leaves

    Thank you.
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    Opinions please on new design

    Grabbed a copy. Thank you
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    Cheap tote Source?

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    wtp files

    Guess I should learn how to read. I thought it was "word perfect template" but I must be a little dyslexic this morning sorry.
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    New from Florida

    Well I might as well join in the fun. Welcome from east central Florida
  8. NC I don't use cream. I only sandcarve (sandblast) I could cut fonts that small on my copam but only certain fonts and it was a pain. I have graphtec ce5000-130 and fc7000-100 cutters now and that is still very small. There are many options for sandblasting small fonts and detailed images. 1) Washout film- sandblast only 2) Rapid Mask (also a film but not washout) 3) Laser tape - you would put the tape on the then put in the laser and laser the design or text then sandblast. You need a laser and sandblast equipment for this. 4) Good old fashioned sandblasting with the proper mask. I use paint mask all the time as it comes off better than regular sign vinyl. 5) Blast mask, rubber or pvc based used more for deep carving and not for fine detail. Can range from 10mil up to 49mil. Depending on what your trying to get into would determine the equipment you need. I very rarely do sign vinyl. Mostly sandcarving so I don't have sign vinyl laying around. I order the mask for projects I am working on. I also do both with sandblast mask and washout film. I use Rapid mask mainly for halftone images. If your serious about getting into it, I would recommend a little more homework before going out and purchasing a bunch of equipment. Feel free to ask any more questions. I'll answer them if I can.
  9. 1/8" text is small for allot of cutters. I do a small radius on all sharp corners .003 -.006 to help the cutter out. It really isn't noticeable on something that small. Also when you get into detailed graphics and small lettering for things like your working on there are products much better suited for that. Washout resist and rapid mask but they are for sandblasting not cream. I do text all the time 4-6pt. And there is no weeding. Also if you do get your cutter dialed in (follow the directions given above, blade is out way too far) it is much easier to apply your graphic and weed on the substrate. Letter centers don't pull up etc. If your planning on getting into this a little more I would check out some of the other options you have available.
  10. twicoin

    Suggestions on stencil for Etching cream

    I do sanblasting on glass as well (no cream) but Oracal has a paint mask made for chemical use. Have never tried it with the cream so not 100% sure but the oramask 810 or 811? I think. The cream is not very powerful as opposed to the actual acid used in the early days so I would just try some sign vinyl you have laying around on a scrap piece of glass and see if it holds up. The cream comes in a plastic container so a pvc based vinyl should be fine. Just have to see if the adhesive will hold up. And if not see if you can get a sample from oracal of the paint mask to try. What is she using now if she already does this?
  11. I used to live near Princeton Minn and have been to Alex many times (Florida now, no snow or king sized mosquitoes near me). I raced MX around for years. Alex is a great town and you should be just in time to get things ready for the summer tourist season. It sounds like your hours (8:00 - 12:00) is not really going to benefit much for the walk in customer around there. Maybe you could do like I used to with an antique mall I ran. Since you are looking to get some others in there with shelf space rental maybe you could work a deal out and they would be open until 4:00 or so. They could at least take orders or give some info for you. Otherwise they may walk down the block to the guy that is open. Still a great deal just to get your work space in order. I made my buddy a nice big etched glass piece with LED lights for his front shop window. He leaves it on at night. And you can see it driving buy as no other shops have anything like it. You would be surprised how many people come back and check things out later during open hours with something cool in the window. Good luck.
  12. I had done the firmware update a month ago and CX7 several months ago with no ill effects. I think no more updates for me though. I turned off the "search for updates" when CM opens.
  13. Not sure what happened. I reloaded CM3 again. It still shows the gray box around the graphic as it did before but does not cut it out like it did. Not sure if the latest update had something to do with it or not? Thanks
  14. Yes it looks like a weed boarder but I have that turned off. Have reloaded the CM software and it still shows up. When I turn on weed boarder the line turns blue and when off it is gray but still cuts no mater what.
  15. I have cutting master 2 and 3 and they both started doing the same thing so not sure it's them. I have some full width graphics and have cut them many times before with no issues. I use corel x7, graphtec ce5000 with updated firmware and this issue just started. When I go to cut the graphic (23.5" x 68") it opens cutting master 3 and the graphic shows up as normal. Now there is a line about 1/4" in from the edge like a boarder and that cuts with the graphic. I extend the lines by hand to the edge of the material and this extra cut line is unwanted. In Corel I view in wireframe and nothing shows. I have no bounding box, border box weed line cut turned on so this is mystifying me. It has the same extra cut line when I open cm2. I have cut this same file at least 20 times before so have no idea what could have changed. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you