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  1. freezermink

    Reflective Signs

    a fellow sign-maker and i have done a few small ones and mimicked standard road signs with pretty good results. the road signs we looked at are a super reflective backing with a translucent vinyl over top. for example the typical green highway signs (or at least the one we had to go off of) was reflective white with green vinyl over top. the green was over the whole thing with the letters cut out to expose the white. i'm not sure where he got the backing material but the signs we had came out almost spot on to the real thing. gives you another option.
  2. freezermink

    need a quote on screen pronting

    hit me up, i can help. send over the details to
  3. freezermink

    Cursive Font

    hadn't really used it until then, but it seems pretty decent when its printed out - not too difficult to read.
  4. freezermink

    Cursive Font

    i'm not usually a fan of the script fonts in general, but a client of mine had me use one in his design for the back of a t-shirt i printed a few days ago. in context it actually looks pretty good. its called 'edwardian script' - pictured below:
  5. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    oh i'm with you 100%. as a recording engineer, i have much less pity than most for those that pirate software, especially on the music side. My point in this case, though, was that its not really the fault of the site. I'm sure megaupload doesn't do much in the way of regulating, but it is the user(s) that provide the illegal software. The website has little to do with the content, they're just the vessle for the piracy. also, thanks for the offers for the software... after using it a bit more last night and this morning, i'm realizing that it doesn't really do anything for me that i wasn't doing before. Thats what demos are for, right? ha. i'll keep it in mind if i happen to need it though. thanks again!
  6. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    thanks john! i'm actually messing with it a bit (in the demo) right now. it won't allow me to print AND cut in demo-mode, which is really what i was looking at trying out. though i've been reading up and watching a few of the tutorials on how to print and cut from two different sources, and it doesn't really look ANY different from what i've been doing now. (using the wf1100 and the MH721). i'm manually adding registration marks and manually aligning for the contour cutting when necessary and it seems to be doing a great job. i'm sure it would be easier with a contour cutting plotter, but with the plotter i have now, it doesn't seem like flexi is going to be that much of a time saver... sure its easier to add the registration, but i'm editing everything quickly enough in illustrator anyway, so i might just skip this one. I'm glad i checked out the demo first!
  7. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    the megaupload site is really just a big file sharing site. its not necessarily an illegal software site, though thats really what its used for most often.
  8. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    it does quite a bit, many thanks Ash! i'll give'r a try and see what i think while i get an order placed.
  9. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    ooooooh. worth a shot!
  10. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    oh oh oh. i see. i'm a bit slow. apparently there is a software dongle involved. its pretty tough to download hardware. disregard. i'll order it up.
  11. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    hmm... that doesn't quite look legitimate. i'm all for saving money on software, but for this kind of stuff i'd like to see that someone actually gets paid for it! i know, its rare. i was expecting to find it for purchase/download on a manufacturers website or something, but i don't see a thing. its strange how some companies make it really tough for people to purchase their stuff. heh.
  12. freezermink

    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    does anyone know of an online retailer of the flexistarter 8.6 (or similar) software that i can use to purchase and download online? i don't mind ordering and waiting a few days, but if its all the same i'd love to have it in a few minutes instead. Thanks!
  13. freezermink

    Need Owl Graphic Please

    try this one out... used it for a mirror etching a while ago owl.eps
  14. freezermink

    Graphics on rear windows with blades

    i had a small vinyl decal on the rear window of my GTI for quite some time (2 years?) and the rear wiper never seemed to affect it in any way. it was small with quite a bit of detail so there many edges exposed, and it never pealed or showed any wear. i don't remember the specific vinyl i used, but it was 3M. just to give a point of perspective, i lived in seattle at the time, so you can imagine the amount of precipitation that i dealt with. i can't really speak of the ice/snow aspect. that being said, i think its going to come down to the specifics of the wiper. the GTI wiper blades were really great in that the blade itself was made of a soft silicone. some others may be older and a bit more stiff which may cause problems, depending on the location of the decal with relationship to the wiper. i'd simply prep them with that info before installing.
  15. freezermink

    Need 200 static lings done

    this whole business with screenprintr and the deal-gone-wrong is none of my business, but i see no reason to vote every single post down when they have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what had happened. i don't know the story and i'm not interested in the details. his post above is asking a simple question with the intention of gathering information in order to HELP the original poster of this thread. it has nothing to do with anything previously done. voting every post down is immature and irrational. with that in mind, he wouldn't have a reputation of -77 would he? almost every post i can find from him seems to be attempting to help in some fashion (most of the time very successfully.) i'm not defending him in any fashion, as again, i don't know what had happened earlier. i'm only calling it as i see it. its ridiculous. i'm tired of seeing it throughout the forum. there, i've said my piece.