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  1. mark-s

    Anyone recognize this one?

    Bickham Script Pro Bold is a better choice..... good call Skarekrow. mark-s
  2. mark-s

    Anyone recognize this one?

    No match found but Adinekirnberg regular is close with a few mods. mark-s
  3. mark-s

    what would you do? layered help

    Print it. mark-s
  4. mark-s

    Fire Engine Decal

    I think that is a company that does fire house fonts for sale only. Flange r regular, should get you close. mark-s
  5. mark-s

    Font help please

    Don`t find a exact match, but Wishes Script pro is close. mark-s
  6. mark-s

    Font Identification please

    Aquitaine Initials Std (Regular) mark-s
  7. mark-s

    Mini Cooper side checkerboard graphic.

    Heres a quick trace, will need some work. mark-s MINI
  8. mark-s

    Help with Image

    Here ya go, needs work mark-s CAJUN GUARD
  9. mark-s

    New and need help with logo

    PM me. mark-s
  10. mark-s

    New and need help with logo

    Needs a bit of work, redo the fonts in your software. mark-s ABOVE & BEYOND ROOING
  11. mark-s

    Need a little help

    No match found mark-s
  12. mark-s

    Font Help

    What he has pictured for Pennyfarthing font is not the real Pennyfarthing font. mark-s
  13. mark-s

    Signblazer Font List

    PM me your email and I`ll send them. mark-s
  14. mark-s


    It takes a bit of work on your part, it works.... mark-s