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  1. mark-s

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    How much do you need? mark-s
  2. mark-s

    help needed please

    TRUCKING is Serpentine. mark-s
  3. mark-s

    help needed please

    Air Millhouse is the font for LGA "A" was flipped horizontally. mark-s
  4. mark-s

    help needed please

    Well it`s hard to see by 2 in x 2 in crappy little webernet image. Look at Serpentine it has a U shaped like that. I do know LGA is Air Millhouse. If you have permisson to do that work, call the and request the file, they should have that on file no matter who designed it. mark-s
  5. mark-s

    help needed please

    Air Millhouse the correct name. mark-s
  6. mark-s

    help needed please

    Looks like Millhouse, just looking at it. mark-s
  7. mark-s

    White Aluminum signs

    Your welcome. mark-s
  8. mark-s

    White Aluminum signs

    You need Dibond, white or aluminum in color. Your local sign supply should have it. mark-s
  9. mark-s

    Not for sale

    for personal use, not for sale. mark-s
  10. Custom cell phone holder. Completed and delivered today. mark-s
  11. Just finished these today. mark-s
  12. mark-s

    A few more cell phone stands

    Nice A bit of a learning curve, still learning everyday, I`m into 3D carving, when not doing 2D stuff. Here`s one I did for a customers garage. Good luck to you. mark-s
  13. mark-s

    A few more cell phone stands

    I love my CNC. It`s so incredable. mark-s
  14. A few more cell phone stands. mark-s
  15. mark-s

    Cell phone stand made with the CNC

    Thank you Scott. mark-s