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  1. Built a 4ft X 4ft CNC Machine. This is the latest final of the SIGNS sign. Just need to clear coat and hang at the shop. mark-s
  2. Give this a go, any clean up is on you. mark-s HELLENBECK
  3. I think I might have some at the shop I`ll look Monday. mark-s
  4. This is the prototype we used just made everything bigger and stronger. mark-s
  5. The machine was built from scratch, everything was over built to with stand anything. There is a 3/4 inch steel plate used as a strong back (can`t be seen in photos) for the motor Z axis. Instead of 1/2 inch sides had a friend cut out on his CNC 3/4 inch aluminum, all motors are the best and strongest that could be found. My friend also turned some parts on his metal lathe so we could get extra beefer patrs. This thing is bullet proof. mark-s
  6. The Xbox controller is how I move the motor forwards, backwards, up, down and zero to the start of the cut. mark-s
  7. After a 2 month build on a custom 4 ft X 4 ft CNC machine, half the time was waiting on parts. It is up and running. First cut was shop space numbers. Made from Norwegian Birch. And then on to the good stuff. Masked and Painted then cut. mark-s
  8. Beyond The Mountains (Regular) Trivial (Heavy) mark-s
  9. search the net for don`t tread on me and you`ll find a vector of the snake. mark-s
  10. dna sent you a pm with conversion. mark-s
  11. pm it to me, I`ll take a shot. mark-s
  12. 0 Buzz DNA Good call mark-s
  13. I don`t find a`s time to vector it. mark-s
  14. Stoke width is what is pleasing the the eye, no set rule. mark-s
  15. Graphtec 15 inch you won`t be sorry. mark-s