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  1. Hard Shadow

    Like this? It`s called drop shadow. mark-s
  2. Font help

    First of all : Who puts a jpeg in a AI format? Look at Cruiser Fortress Expanded Italic mark-s
  3. Vectorizing needed

    This is what I get. mark-s SIX SHOOTER TATTOOS
  4. AddCityboy Normal I stump find my font all the time. Thank goodness for my system. mark-s
  5. Help with logo

    Little bit of PhotoShop will get you on your way. mark-s
  6. Font help pleeeeease

    Hate it when that happens mark-s
  7. Old Cascade

    Get a good straight on shot of it and vector it or have it vectored. mark-s
  8. Old Cascade

    Post a image mark-s
  9. Help with this font

    LOL Scott mark-s
  10. Help with this font

    TitlingGothicFB Normal Bold Oblique mark-s
  11. Xtreme Font?

    Do a search of xtreme font. Google is your friend mark-s
  12. PhotoShop eraser tool I`d use the font my self. mark-s
  13. Just put this together. mark-s AMERICAN MADE SIGN CNC PREP AND CUT.mp4
  14. Another CNC sign

    Custom font and design. 15 inch high X 36.5 wide. mark-s
  15. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    I believe that is custom mark-s