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  1. I have a couple of these I`ll let go for $25.00 + shipping. mark-s
  2. wouldn`t be hard to make one mark-s
  3. mark-s

    Comparable font to LHF Scriptana

    let me know what you need typed out mark-s
  4. I built a special easel on one wall of the shop just for doing 4 X 8 signs. mark-s
  5. mark-s

    Open Source logo

    Cut one of these on my CNC 6 inch. Here is the logo if anyone wants it. mark-s OPEN SOURCE
  6. mark-s


    Open Source is good stuff. mark-s
  7. dibond sign board is a good way to go. mark-s
  8. mark-s

    BBQ Trophy

    A friend of mine and I built a 4 X 4 foot CNC Router, 2.5 kw motor. Here`s one I did not long ago . 10 in tall X 40 in wide. Love my CNC. mark-s
  9. mark-s

    BBQ Trophy

    Nice Like it. I`m also into CNC work. This was the third Sign I made 2 years ago. mark-s
  10. mark-s

    Need Help.Flexi Sign And Redsail

    go to redsails web site and ask for flexi drivers, they will send them to you. mark-s
  11. mark-s

    font needed

    Looks custom a`s don`t match mark-ws
  12. mark-s

    need a different font

    Here is a vector of the numbers posted. Needs a bit of work. mark-s
  13. mark-s

    Window Tint Cut Files

    Really? mark-s
  14. Hey Mark !

    I saw in one of your posts from a while back about you running a Roland PC-60 and had success running the print and cut options...

    I have run many Roland machines but have never heard of this ribbon type method and i think its very interesting, no idea why Roland wouldn't have continued making these printers!

    Anyways, I currently have a Windows XP 32 Bit Operating system running on an old school PC, have completely wiped the machine and am using it strictly for this Printer, I would like to see if you could share which program you are using to run you Roland??

    I was given a sheet with the printer that says I can run FlexiSign with this machine ? Any idea which version I would need to have the computer and printer be compatible? And will Flexi run the print option or will it only cut?

    Also spoke with a Roland guy over the phone and he told me that ColorChoice is the program i need to run the print cut ? So i really have no idea at this point... I would hope to get some insight from someone who is having success with a program and software..

    Let me know what you think! I can send photos as well,


    1. mark-s


      I use Flexi 8.5 pro

      reply to mrksgrfx at g mail

      subject: pc 60

      having trouble with chrome

  15. mark-s

    Vertical Text

    cool tnx mark-s