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  1. Sidelinemgr

    "Nobody cares about your family" decal design anyone?

    Like to thank everyone for all the files thats I have grabed. Thank you so much. Donald.
  2. Sidelinemgr

    Guitar I just did for a friend.

    You did a great job on thr Guitar front and back.
  3. Sidelinemgr


    Thank you grab them.
  4. Sidelinemgr

    Just not in the mood

    First of all Kissfan & Jay you both are young whipper snappers. If you were as old as I am and had all the medical problems I have had, then I could see why you would be worn out. Wish I had a 90 year young grand mother to go see and take care of . Wish I still had both parents around to go see and take care of also. Well I never got to see either grand parents on either side of my Mom and Dads sides.I was a late blommer born 63 years ago in 1949. Getting down and out will come many times in your young lives ,it just happens that way . Thats life as we all grow older and try learning different things some work and some don't and thats when we feel its all over with. Well its not its just another day in our lives we go through,we think its the end and want to quit . Then we say well I got to make this shirt for so & so or I got to cut this or that ,and guess what after all the giving up I just shake my head and go and do what I gave up on if I can still remember what I was suppose to have done that got me feeling in the blues. I hope you get to feeling better Kissfan but never give up and think things are not as bad as someones else's.
  5. Sidelinemgr

    Anybody up for a challenge

    Mr.300 I did that one and it took me 21 hours to weed it .And I myself think that was fast LoL. Afterwards I framed it ,will never do another one.
  6. Sidelinemgr


    I hope you do well in your endevors and get rich doing it.
  7. Sidelinemgr

    Latest Skull

    Thanks for putting this skull up for everyone to copy and grab. I'll say thank you for all those that did not say it.
  8. Sidelinemgr

    New Skull

    Thanks grabed it also.
  9. Sidelinemgr


    Well i think the first part of this was BS and that lara was telling one .And was BS ing everyone. Its been over 3 yrs now with no answer from Lara so was it her BS ing or not?
  10. Sidelinemgr

    I need help with logo

    Jfought I think you really done a great job on this ,Don't see why claimer14 don't like it. . You did do good .
  11. Sidelinemgr

    We are Back!

    Glad to see site back up and running again.
  12. Sidelinemgr

    Cheap Labor

    Those are some beautiful cats you both have there. We are looking for a siamese kitten ourselfs .
  13. Sidelinemgr

    Guess what happened...

    How much for the Parachute ? I'm interseted.
  14. Sidelinemgr

    First time showing my work

    Yes I'll agree looks like you are doing well with CorelX6.
  15. Sidelinemgr

    Grumpy Cat

    Thanks grabed it also.