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  1. joey414

    Any idea on what font this is?

    Can anyone help with what font of Justin's is? Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone have the boots and gun cross like in the pic. It's too small for me to convert. Thanks
  3. joey414

    ECU and JMU

    Does anyone have the JMU dog and the ECU pirate with cross bones in EPS file?
  4. joey414

    K40 III Laser engraver

    It came with newly seal
  5. joey414

    K40 III Laser engraver

    I bought a k40 III laser engraver months ago on craigslist. I got the engraver, fan system, water pump, a dongle and software. When I tried loading the software it would not load and found a crack in the disk. I contacted the company in china about the software but was told that being that I didn't buy from them I couldn't get the software. I know that the engraver works because I engraved some with my sign blazer. The only problem was it didn't cut the laser off when moving from one letter or object always connecting them with a line between. Does anyone have any suggestions.
  6. joey414

    Help vectorizing

    Thanks for the help and yes I'd love to know how to
  7. joey414

    Help vectorizing

    Can someone help me vectorize this? I tried and it becomes like spotty. I only need it in a single color. Thanks Joey
  8. joey414

    Need help

    I need to convert this to a cutable image and have been trying for a week please help I haven't had any luck and need to get it done. Thanks for the help. Just the chrome letters.
  9. I have a customer that wants 20 -40 blank buttons customized. Where is a good place to order them?
  10. joey414

    what font is this

    Tried what font is and it kept splitting the letters. Thanks for the help.
  11. joey414

    what font is the 396?

  12. joey414

    what font is the 396?

    What font is the 396 in the pic? Thanks Joey
  13. joey414

    Looking for a single color santa

    Thanks for all the help!!
  14. I need a single color Santa outline without hat if available. Thanks Joey
  15. joey414

    Christmas Decor

    Cool thanks