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  1. anix

    looking for a basketball

    Thanks John, I grabbed it too.
  2. anix

    Skeet and sporting clays images

    Thanks, I may can use that one.
  3. Looking for cuttable images realated to skeet and sporting clay shooting. I need them for a t-shirt design....Not having a lot of luck....has anyone ran across any such? Thanks
  4. anix

    Looking for a State Seal

    Thanks I will give it a try.
  5. Does anyone have a source on State seals. I need a GA State Seal vectored. I imported a decent GIF but it will take for ever to clean up all the detail. HELP!!!
  6. anix

    Emergency Vehicle graphics

    Thanks guys but what I really need is layouts for sheriffs vehicles.
  7. Does anyone know of a place to find vector graphics that can be cut for emergency vehicles. I though that there might be a CD with the graphic for differnt vehicles but havent had much luck finding one. Any ideas. Thanks Al
  8. Thanks those sre good ones!!!! :clap:
  9. Help Needed!!!!! I am working on a sign for a plumbing and elctrical business and I am having a hard time finding graghics that I can vectorize. :bang:
  10. I need to quote 100 18x24 d board yard signs and i am sure i will have to bid against screen printers and i was wundering what to expect.
  11. anix

    NCHA Logo

    Need help! I am looing for a vector image of a NCHA (National Cutting Horse Association) logo. It has a rider on a cutting horse in front of a calve. Thanks.
  12. anix


    Thanks I will try that.
  13. anix


    I have seen a lot of decals that were done in memory of a love one or pet that included a silhouette of the individual. I asume the image was converted from a photo and I was curious if someone could fill me in on how this was done.