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  1. I have an 07 36" PCUT, when I cut with it , at each end of the machine it cuts VERY lightly/doesn't cut thru the vinyl. In the middle of the machine it cuts deep ,thru the paper in spots. We have adjusted the depth of the blade , replaced the blade.....still has an issue.... This machine seems to be nothing but a problem everytime I use it...did I get a bad one? Anyone have any help or info on this.....makeing this machine run is like work..... Thanks Mardigan modified: I have nticed the white strip has a bow in it on the left side of the machine, I cannot get it to lay flat any suggestions??? it doesn't want to click in ,in that spot we also tried flippping it over and it is the same spot in the strip......HELP!!!! WHO DO I CALL??
  2. Hello Everyone, I am new to this board and Sign cutting as well. I bought a Pcut 36" Plotter/cutter. I got it yesterday and have spent most of the time getting it to work since! I am computer Savy and have used graphics programs in the past. Here are my questions: I cannot seem to import .psd or .eps files without getting a bitmap screen stating it can't use bitmaps, I also cant seem to import any files for that matter. I have follwed all steps from Uscutter and Signblazer, it does cut I just can't seem to import. I even downloaded the Uscutter/SignBlazer patch and now I have two programs of SignBlazer on my system and neither will let me import! Maybe I'm used to other software companys, in that their software is a self setup install. How long does the SignBlazer last before it expires? Lastly I have to say and please do not think this is a flame UsCutter but your instructions, some in a foriegn language and the one I got for my machine wasn't even the right one :'( have made this really frustrating you have agreat machine but you really need to work on the info you send your customers. Anyone out there seem to have any help, Thanks Mardigan P.S. I have Windows XP