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  1. I get about $40.00 for that...
  2. latitude42

    Re[lacement for Pcut 630

    ok, my Pcut is OLD!!!! I still use it EVERY day and am very familiar with SignBlazer but, I'm getting so damn busy whith this thing that I'm thinking of getting something newer and that way I have a backup. Any sugestions on a new one... I have yet to have a need for cuntour cut as I dont print vinyl, but is it something good to have just in case?? Any thoughts???
  3. latitude42

    How do you take CC?

    intuit has a card reader like square.. you can also accept cards online with thier account... I use PayPal, square and Intuit... all are only fee per charge, no monthly.
  4. latitude42

    Legit copyright claim or not???

    Dated and time stamped is NOT copyrighted... you have to file for a copyright and receive it. Can't blame him for trying though.
  5. latitude42

    Rain Suit

    I also melted som frogg toggs LOL
  6. latitude42

    Home made Tape Application Roller

    Interesting idea... all I've ever done is start the release paper on one edge and place an empty cardboard roll behind it and push the release paper along the table and onto the vinyl... pushing with the empty roll also unrolls the release paper... no fuss no muss.. Been doin that for 6 years
  7. latitude42

    First Large Vehicle Project....

    Semi trucks are fun... I just did a fleet of 15 trucks ... they were 30 and 350 miles away, split 50/50. I did 8 of them one day (they removed the old decals!!) and they drove me over to the other place and put me up in a hotel and I did the other 7 in a day also... + one day of cutting vinyl at the start. So three days.. $500 in materials... $4500. I'd do that again in a heartbeat! Almost enough to replace my 6 year old Pcut!!!!
  8. I use a 6x6... it is nice when you have a 4 color process on black and need a white underbase...
  9. latitude42


    How many???
  10. latitude42

    Snowmobile tracks

    Looking for some snowmobile tracks... like the imprint made by the track in the snow??? Thanks much!!!
  11. latitude42

    Anyone have these devil girls?

  12. latitude42

    Best Way to Create Screens?

    Ulano EZ Film is a good alterative to scoop coating with emulsion... with scoop coating there are too many variables, thickness, human error etc... with this stuff just wet the screen, put in on, let dry and expose, you have VERY consistant screens, I get 99 out of 100 now... Latitude42
  13. latitude42

    anyone have packer player

    are you screen printing, or cut vinyl... I just printed couple hundred of a simular design as the top design...too detailed to cut though. Latitude42
  14. latitude42

    T-Shirt Pricing

    For heat pressed... I double the price of the shirt (include your shipping), then I figure out the cost of vinyl (include your shipping cost) per foot and double that, then I charge $2.50 for each time I lower my press (ie: more than one color, or more than one placement). If it is a rush order I add 50%. Latitude 42
  15. latitude42

    Koozies anyone!!

    $3.50 WOW!!! I can't get more than $1.25 a piece around here!!! I screen print them to make it cost effective... I also made a jig where I can print 2-3 at a time... Looks good though. Latitude42