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  1. Hey thanks Ken, I'm not at the shop right now but I'll try it when i get there, I really appreciate the help and the fast reply. I had a 12" Stika hooked up to my laptop before but had problems with xp and driver stuff........ THANKS KEN.....i owe ya a beer if this werks. p.s. Does the refine driver works for my p-cut 24"also?
  2. Hi folks, I'm not a newbie but, i need some help. I want to use my Flexi 6.5 that i allready have installed on my laptop. The only problem I'm haveing is when i put the blue driver disc in and plug the cutter in to the usb,The "found new hardware" doesnt come up. I also get "what do i want to open this software with" I get a message saying windows doesnt recognise new usb hardware. I got a lexmark printer hooked up to one usb and I think i insatalled flexi right .......any suggestions or should i just try my wife's laptop? Thanks for your time.......hope it makes sence Steve