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  1. fcfinishes

    Help with DWG

    So I fought with this and could not change this file at all. It would appear that autocad breaks down a drawing alot ! It kept saying can only convert 3 file in free version, I only had one in the window. I am going to just have the customer have someone convert in illustrator since I do not use it. Thanks for trying. Darin
  2. fcfinishes

    Help with DWG

    Cool thank you. I used that and it says completed, but I can not find the file and when I made a folder to put them in it continues to be empty. And it loaded the stupid AVG as my browser page, but that I can fix. I missed the check box for that one.lol
  3. fcfinishes

    Help with DWG

    I need help changing a DWG to something that I can open with Inkscape. I cant even load the darn thing onto the forum, so I will have to email it to someone. If anyone could help me with this it would be awesome. Thanks Darin
  4. fcfinishes

    A little help please

    So i used vector magic for the first time ever. Oh why have I never done that before. I am dumb. Darin
  5. fcfinishes

    A little help please

    Can someone make this image into something I can use on inkscape. I am having a heck of a time, I even downloaded the font (isl FADE to bla) and I can't get the font to load on inkscape. What a day. http://static.tumblr.com/3911e6eae07f6ab401c92ff0b19e30b0/nmqqihg/8bKmopozi/tumblr_static_logo.png that is the best pic I can find. Customer is out of town or I could just get his files.. Thanks Darin
  6. I have just installed my new motherboard on my Pcut 630. Now the LCD buttons are incorrect. the online button doesn't work, instead I hit pause and it goes through the menu. I have no feed roller control or carriage control. HELP PLEASE Darin
  7. Awesome so no I have no information going between my computer and my cutter. I have shut down everything, checked the com ports, **^&***^%^%^$%^&$%#%^&%^(&%^&($%%#% I am soo pissed right now. I have 2 huge orders to get out this weekend and cant figure this out. Since i am running off a laptop I use USB I will be taking the cable to radio shack for a test. Other than that I guess its a motherboard. Damn this sucks. Darin
  8. cut the wires? Or is there a place. I have not removed the solenoid.
  9. So last week I had an issue with the blade holder not going into the vinyl. I searched forums and interweb as usual I had came up with the norm. Static,ground,and adjustments. Static is fixed, ground is fixed and cutter worked great for 2 jobs. This morning I run a job and it goes through all the motions and not one cut into the vinyl. I have tried to email customer service and was told to call. Well guess what they aren't open when I am off work. I need to know how to test the solenoid and how to properly adjust the bar that connects the blade holder to the solenoid. There is an allen set screw that holds the solenoid to the bar and there is one on the bottom that holds the blade holder to the bar. Any help out there would be great. Darin Gray FC Finishes
  10. fcfinishes

    Need help with a simple vector

    I think this should be a very simple bitmap to trace, but I seem to loose all the crisp ness and can not even tell what the picture is when I am done. The picture is easy to find. I have tried 10 or 15 different ones from the web and still get the same results. The pic is the mongols (mc ) bros head. It is just the head, not the whole rider on the patch. If anyone can help me with this, I would in debt to you. Here is the version I have been trying to use. Thank you FC Finishes
  11. fcfinishes

    New License and now issues

    So I renewed my signcut Pro. Now when I save as an EPS from inkscape, I am missing lines in every graphic. I thought it was an inkscape issue and I posted about missing lines in text. For example using the Impact font I type InLineFabrication.com I combine the image, then save as an EPS. I then open the EPS in signcut and I am missing at least one line in each letter. I thought it may be a font issue, but it is doing it with every font I use. SOME ONE HELP ME. Please. I am really at a loss to what is going on now. Since i paid 98.00 dollars for another year of signcut, I would like to use it. Darin
  12. fcfinishes

    Missing lines on IMPACT font

    I am not sure how to post a pic of the problem. The letters I am cutting are 1/2 inch. I tried to take a screen shot of signcut, but it would not work. I am using the impact font in inkscape, then hitting combine and that is how I usually cut lettering. This seems that something between inkscape and signcut is going funny with this font. I am at a loss. The worst part is this guy is a good customer. Darin
  13. fcfinishes

    Missing lines on IMPACT font

    For some reason when going from Inkscape to signcut I am losing single lines on many of the letters that I am trying to cut. This is what I am doing Font= Impact Italics/oblique InLineFabrication.com Can someone recreate this issue and help me fix it. I need to cut these at .5 or .6 in high. Thank you Darin Gray Full Auto Graphics
  14. fcfinishes

    PVW to anything else

    I have looked and I can not find them. Even on my external hard drive where I stored they have been changed. Is there a way to open and eps and save it as an SVG. I have all the EPS files. I just need to do some re-work on some of the images before I cut them. Thanks Darin
  15. fcfinishes

    PVW to anything else

    so after the great computer crash of 2011. I had to re download all my software. after loading SB back on it has changed every one of my inkscape SVG files to PVW files. Is there anything out there that can open these and change them back to a SVG. There is about 600 hours worth of work that I can not use. I can open them in sign blazer, but I'm not as good with that program and Im getting really frustrated. Thank you Darin