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  1. spudgal


    Perfect! Thank you so much! Jackie
  2. spudgal


    Does anyone have geese? Thanks! Jackie
  3. Good luck Lexi starting your new business. I started mine in May when the company I worked for foir 15 years did a roll over. I just completed our local county fair and received a ton of business plus passed out over 500 business cards. So that might be an option for you. As far as the cardstock for scrapbooking goes this is how I do it. Take a piece of vinyl backing (you know the part you just throw in the garbage?)and give it a light coating of spray adhesive and put your cardstock on it so it sticks. Put it in your machine and cut away. I always clean my blade afterwards. Jackie
  4. Good morning everyone! It has been forever since I posted but I do have a couple of questions. There is a new RV storage being built in town and the owner wants a quote on a large 4ft x 8 ft sign to announce their coming to town. What would I use for a sign that large? All I have ever done is inside stuff. My second question is: a rock group wants a sign down the outside of their tour bus, do I seal the edges with a sealant? Thanks for the help!!!! Jackie
  5. spudgal

    Shadow Decal

    Great job! I used a really stiff brush when I put a logo on a trailer and that helped to mold around the "bumps and curves". Jackie
  6. spudgal

    Had a baby Monday...

    That is great. Enjoy spoiling your new baby!
  7. spudgal

    Will vinyl stick

    Thank you!
  8. spudgal

    Will vinyl stick

    to a concrete wall or cinderblock wall? I have a school that wants large quotes put on their walls but they are concrete with paint. Thanks! Jackie
  9. spudgal


    A great source for fonts is fontfreak.com.
  10. spudgal

    Christian fish

    Thank you!
  11. spudgal

    Christian fish

    Good morning! I am looking for a Christian fish symbol. Does anyone have one? Thanks! Jackie
  12. I did try two but it wouldn't cut.
  13. I don't know if this is a PCut question or a SignBlazer question but the other night I was cutting a sign and wanted six copies so I clicked the copies button and everything mapped out ok but when I click cut it just sat there. I checked everything out but still nothing so I deleted 5 of the copies and it cut great. I moved the blade over to the next start position and it cut great again so I clicked on 4 copies and it wouldn't cut. I could only cut them out 1 at a time. What do I need to do to cut multiplies? Jackie
  14. spudgal

    Looking for.....

    software and material to cut the invisible car bra. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks! Jackie