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  1. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    Well, After getting about 5 messages from support instructing me to call in for assistance I am finally able to sit here and try. If I select the appropriate options on the automated system (issue with order, return an item) I hear an automated message stating to go to the website for this type of issue and it hangs up on me. I have tried multiple times choosing different options but can't reach a live person! I just selected sales for new product and have been on hold for a while, hopefully this will get me somewhere. Anyone interested in a roll of matte white 951 24" x 50 yards? I only use the gloss and ordered this one by mistake.
  2. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    I used to live in Fresno and there was a local place. By far easier in every way to be able to walk in to a physical location and walk out with what you need. Plus being able to see and feel materials was a huge benefit. The staff could answer questions and help with product choices. Of course they were a little higher on some prices but at this point I am willing to pay for the better service. I will try call on Monday but hopefully they don't take 30 some minutes to answer the phone since I am going to be really busy all day.
  3. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    Well strike number 2 or maybe we are up to number 3. I ordered a roll of Oracal 951 white but accidentally ordered matte instead of gloss. I have submitted three requests to return or exchange the roll but can't get anywhere. I am unable to log into the error message states I have the incorrect email or password. Is this different from the store and forum log in credentials? Uscutter responded to one of the return requests but to a different email (within my organization). It stated they could only do 1 to 1 exchanges so I would have to return the roll and get a store credit. So I requested to return the item and got the automatic email that a ticket was created 1/4/19 but haven't heard anything since. I can't log in to view the status so I don't know what to do. Anyone have a suggestion?
  4. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    The rest of my order arrived yesterday. Items looked to be correct.
  5. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    Have to update, Got the confirmation that the rest of the order was shipped and should arrive on Friday 10/26. 51 days from order until delivery . . .
  6. sleeveofwizzard

    Customer service / orders

    Has anyone else had issues with orders lately? Seems like things have really taken dive compared to a few years ago. I used to order very frequently but now I order two or three times a year. My last order was September 5th. I received an email the same day saying there was a partial shipment. Two of the for items arrived soon after and I didn't think much about it until another week had gone by. I sent two emails to support and opened a service ticket but didn't get a response. Tried calling three days in a row and couldn't get anyone to answerer or call me back after leaving my number on the automated system. Even tried the message function that pops up on the website but it would give me an error message every attempt. Yesterday I waited on hold for 27 minutes and got to speak with someone. She started some sort of RMA process and I was emailed a list of requirements to fulfill: photos of boxes, shipping labels, packing slips, and measurements of boxes. I just spent half an hour getting that stuff together but remembered the email I received that stated a partial order was shipped. This just seems crazy to me. I know accidents happen but why is all this needed when they can just look at the order and see it wasn't all shipped! Also why don't they respond to emails or service ticket requests? Why don't they answer the phone or return the call back requests? Why do they tell me to use the instant message function when it doesn't work? ARG!
  7. sleeveofwizzard

    Chat Line

  8. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    Hey everyone, never ever have free time anymore. I've been using the new equipment for a while now and definitely love it. Great suggestions all around so thank you all very much!
  9. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    Update, I have cut a few circles and shapes just to test things out. Got the blade depth set. Today I tried to cut a few things to practice and ran into an issue. The machines starting position isn't very close to the right side of the vinyl. I cut two things and both got cut off at the left side because it ran out of vinyl. I even moved the material over on the rollers but the machine adjusted itself and made the same error. On my old laser pointer there was a reset button on the side of the machine that allowed me to set the starting point for cutting. Thanks, Ted
  10. sleeveofwizzard

    Font wizards please help

    Yeah I just checked that site out. Much better then the one I tried a couple days ago. Thanks!
  11. sleeveofwizzard

    Font wizards please help

    Hey everyone, Hoping someone will have an idea what this font is. I ran it through the online identifier but didn't find a match. Thanks in advance Ted
  12. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    Graphtec CE-6000 24" that came with the 9x12 heat press. Went with vinyl master pro and a bunch of tools and such. Only bought white vinyl so far because I needed the color guide to pick the other colors I need.
  13. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    Well I pulled the trigger and everything arrived on Friday. Not sure when I'll have time to set it up and start relearning. I'm excited about having good stuff to use. Thanks for everyone's input!
  14. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    OK last one (probably). I just saw Graftec i-designR Pro 2 on the site for sale. It's more expensive. Anyone used it?
  15. sleeveofwizzard

    Getting back into the game

    I'm not trying to be a sissy here ha ha. Just want to make sure I have a user friendly set up without having to purchase more stuff after the end of this calendar year. Is there any tools or options for arranging cut jobs or separating layers while using a plug in? There was some options for this in Sign Blazer that didn't work very well. Just curious, the optional software listed for the graftec is Corel and Signcut Pro. Is that one any good? Everyone used to rave to no end about Flexi is that one old news now?