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  1. So it's now 8/23/07 and I still haven't received my replacement part as well as the extra carriage which I paid for as a back up. I wouldn't mind if someone could get back to me on this when they have some time. I just got an email from another person from uscutter just now and when I went to call the number he gave it was wrong and now they are closed. That person emailed me at 4:30 pst. So did anyone else try the penny trick and did it work for them? I think I narrowed down the issue but wanted to see if my temporary fix worked for anyone.
  2. Sure thing I don't have an issue installing it myself I've replaced them on my rolands before. Let me know what you need from me I'll email you my address info to your email. Thank you for the help
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention that as well but yes I did actually put a drop of oil in the holder with the blade to see if that would help but it was still the same. when I touch the tip of the blade I can see it spin freely 360 degrees so I don't think that is it. So I found a way to make it stop doing it but there must be an issue with the mechanism that press the blade down onto the vinyl. It is somehow vibrating on the left to right stroke causing the bad cutting. The way I tested this and was able to get it to stop was by adding some pennies onto the blade holder and that fixed it. I can even set the speed up to 80 and pressure down to 120 and it doesn't do it anymore. The picture shows what I did to test. So my last question is "is there an issue with the cutter that I can fix so that I don't have to have pennies sitting on the blade holder?"
  4. Okay so just as an update on the jagged issue it only does it when the blade goes in a straight line left to right no other direction. I found I am able to keep it from doing it as long as I keep speed at 50 any other settings above that forget it it just gets messed up. so now I am running it at 50 speed with 140-130 pressure. I made a bunch of different size boxes to have the cutter cut them and and at that setting all edges are smooth. If I increase speed to anything above 50 when I go and cut the boxes I made it will cut from right to left side smooth and both forward and back sides smooth but when it goes to cut the left to right side it is all jagged more like an intermittent cut rather then straight cut. What I am worried about now is if by using the speed setting of 50 as the max I can go, am I only masking a real issue with the cutter or are these cutters just really not meant to run at any speed above 50? kenimes I checked the blade holder and it has no play side to side just the up down play that it is normally suppose to have. Its just odd that it will cut 3 of the 4 sides fine at speed settings 60 70 and 80. I tried cutting different size boxes both from 1 inch to 38 inches and the result is the same with the left to right cut it doesn't do it continously through out that left to right cut motion but it does do it randomly. Could it also be the blade type I am using I am using the ones the cutter came with and I am cutting calendered film about 3 mil thick. I guess I'm used to how my old roland camm 1 use to cut fast so I was thinking that this cutter could cut at that high speed as well since it does have a setting for it but then again comparing to cutters from 2 sides of the price spectrum I could be expecting more out of the pcut then it is really designed for. I appreciate the help I want to make sure the cutter is fine while it is still under warranty.
  5. Hi well I purchased a pcut a couple of weeks ago from uscutter and have been using it a little bit since I got it until today. I have a bunch of sticker orders I need to get out but the cutter is having issues which I have tried to resolve myself. When cutting an image the knife starts off smooth but randomly especially on straight lines it makes grinding noise and then the line ends up getting cut all jagged. I have tried adjusting knife depth both ways as well as speed and down pressure but nothing seems to work. Only if I have the pressure on high enough where it is about to cut through the paper does it not make the jagged cut as bad but if I look closely I can see it isn't smooth. Its almost like the blade either binding in the holder to where it is not at the right angle and ends up cutting on its side which makes the waves on the straight lines. It doesn't do it in the same spot even when cutting the same image which would suggest it's not the image causing it. I even changed the blade to see if maybe the blade tip broke but it still does it with a new blade. I am going to start getting backed up on my orders so I hope I can get it resolved soon. I hate to have to use my summa 15" cutter as vinyl waste goes up dramatically. Thanks in advance for a response. I also check to see if the motor head is binding on the track and its not and it is seated on the track as it should be. I attached a picture of what it looks like might now see it very well but the lines going left to right they look almost like dots thats where they are jagged it should be a smooth line. Another thing I was able to narrow down is that it only does it when the blade goes from left to right it doesn't do it when the vinyl goes forward and backwards so cutting lines with the vinyl moving forward and back they are smooth left to right they are intermitently smooth and jagged depending on when the blade feels like doing it.