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  1. I received my P-Cut purchased on ebay, and the blade holder is incomplete. The top end is not threaded and there is no way to adjust the blade depth. I contacted uscutter via support email, but have not heard back from them, so I bought a tap-dye set, threaded it and inserted a 'hardware store' thumbscrew to mate. It works ok, but changing blades will require re-calibration. Should I leave negative feedback for uscutter on ebay? I've bought and sold on ebay, and I know how it is, but the listing suggested that SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE for this item. Sure it's not a high ticket item, but when a critical part is missing, well My only fear is of sellers who receive prompt payment, then wait for buyers feedback before posting feedback of their own - as if they're preparing for feedback retaliation, despite the fact that the buyer holds up their end of the deal. hmm... -what to do ?? auction no 270151837252
  2. screenline909

    SignBlazer crashes on import preview

    I just installed, reg, and authenticated the full version of SignBlazer Elements 6.0.15 that came with a P-Cut plotter. I'm accustomed to Illustrator, and all of my files are in .ai format. If I Import and browse a folder with existing files, the thumbnails appear for .jpg, 'no preview' for .ai and .eps files, then the program crashes. I created a new folder with a simple geometric design saved in both .ai and .eps - sometimes the .ai file thumbnail is solid black, usually error message "Mermory Fault EPS Import". I had similar results when testing the downloaded DEMO version on different PC. - if 'no preview' is checked, then no crash - preview limited to files < .5 MB still crashes (thumbnail = file size?) Truthfully, I have no interest in creating graphics in SignBlazer, I just need to import vector art from Illustrator. If anyone knows of stripped down software that simply preview/layout/cut - even better - any suggestions/experience with this issue would be appreciated. Thanks