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  1. Hey guys, brand new here and a major newbie and I thank you in advance for any help you can give. My question is, can't you use a plotter/cutter to cut around a iron-on transfer. I mean to trim around it so you won't have the excess background? BTW, I have a Creation CT630.
  2. Sorry guys. I know you've probably heard this a bunch of times, but here's my deal. I bought a US Cutter CT630 and hooked everything up today. Did the test where you push the pause button twice and it cut out a small rectangle, so it looks like the machine is fine. I thought maybe the problem is a port problem, but I have no idea how to tell what port is what. I've went as far as to click on each and every port in the device manager and try no avail. All the dealings I've had with USB connections were so easy. I always thought I could hold my own in working with computers, but this problem makes me feel pretty useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.