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  1. idahospudgal

    What font is this?

    Thank you so much.
  2. idahospudgal

    What font is this?

    Does anyone know what font this is? Just the top part, the bottom part is Century. Theatre door design 2.pdf
  3. idahospudgal

    Vectorizing needed

    Thank you so much! I can always count on this forum.
  4. idahospudgal

    Vectorizing needed

    I designed this several years ago and the company has now moved. I lost this design when my computer crashed. When I try to vectorize it now it is not completing it. Is there anyone who is willing to do this for me? I will pay a reasonable amount.
  5. idahospudgal

    looking for american flag racecar graphic

    Thank you for the graphic!!
  6. idahospudgal

    Font Help Please

    Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
  7. idahospudgal

    Font Help Please

    Thank you!
  8. idahospudgal

    Font Help Please

    Thank you! Do you happen to know the other one?
  9. idahospudgal

    Font Help Please

    Does anyone know what the two fonts are on here? Thank you!
  10. idahospudgal

    === Green Star Vinyl ===

    I always use 651 for indoor use and 751 for outdoor use. In the 8 years I have been in business I have never had to replace a sign. I have been so happy with it that I have never shopped around.
  11. idahospudgal

    barbwire texas

    Very cool! I will have to do one of Idaho
  12. idahospudgal

    Bus graphics

    That is what I did and my client wants it just like this one. I told him he would need permission in writing to be just like this one. He has never been difficult before so we will see if he follows through. I was just getting ready because when he is ready, he will want it done yesterday. Thank you.
  13. idahospudgal

    Bus graphics

    Does anyone know where I can find the graphics attached in the photo? Thank you!
  14. idahospudgal

    I need this vectorized please

    I live by Rupert. I was just in Nampa last week.
  15. idahospudgal

    I need this vectorized please

    Thank you! I waited up watching for the. Invoice and I finally went to bed and found this this morning. I will keep your name for the next time I have a logo!