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  1. You guys do nice work
  2. sweet!
  3. Thanks guys..yea I didn't notice the bubbles until after I put it on. I need top do wet app from now on.
  4. thanks very much!
  5. Just messing around this weekend and did this. I didn't do exactly like the actual logo I just wanted node practice (need to fine tune it more) and layering practice. Been super slow lately.
  6. this is an ad.
  7. very nicely done!
  8. wikid!
  9. no doubt! The Tiki sign is the Shizzle dude! Gotta see the end product!
  10. That my friend totally rocks!
  11. Very nice design work P~
  12. looks great. just remember....laser level. someone super OCD with being straight and level will appreciate it. Sounds like you have an "in". Now let them groom you into their business ventures!
  13. nice.... :thumbsup: now hope they don't lose it in the desert!
  14. pretty cool dude!
  15. :thumbsup: sweet!