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  1. tempvas

    Inexpensive Software deals maybe!

    i have a version of x-3 i would sell. i sold my cutter and do not need it.
  2. tempvas


    anyone got any karate vectors. I am looking for girl ones and people fighting in karate. Thanks.
  3. tempvas

    pure stock car

    here is one
  4. tempvas

    pure stock car

    I need an image of a pure stock car to do a decal anyone got any?
  5. tempvas

    Has anyone ever bought a cutter off Ebay?

    mine came from there too
  6. tempvas

    Selling cutter

  7. tempvas

    Selling cutter

    i have the refine mh 721 i would like to get 250 for it
  8. tempvas

    Selling cutter

    Hi all! got some bad news, but it may be some good news to someone else. I have to sell my cutter. i just am not using it enough and i have no room to store it. :bang: anyone intrested? I have to get rid of it. My husband is really on my case about it. I am truly bummed out. thanks
  9. tempvas


    here is the mailbox i did for my house with the vinyl I got from daniel t. thanks daniel. [attachment deleted by admin]
  10. tempvas

    cell phone graphic

    thanks it should work. I am just making a sign for my dumb self to remind myself to check my pockets. i have washed two phones now in the washer. LOL. what a dummy huh?
  11. tempvas

    cell phone graphic

    anyone got a cell phone graphic? i need one for a sign. Thanks!
  12. it is on brandsoftworld it is grand cherokee for jeep
  13. have you figured anything out or did it cut for you?
  14. tempvas

    hello everyone

  15. thanks for the support everyone. i know i will miss it if i do get rid of it. it is just a thought at the moment.