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  1. alikat1109

    best vinyl for shirts

    And do u have a problem with it after its washed
  2. What is the best vinyl to do on shirts. Thabks
  3. alikat1109

    vinyl brand

    Thank you everyone. I have a little (as you can see) of a certain color, that a customer wants, and I can't remember where I purchased it. Thanks again. This forum is great.
  4. alikat1109

    vinyl brand

    Here it is. Thanks
  5. alikat1109

    vinyl brand

    I have a roll of vinyl that says SOLID on the back. I can't find this brand anywhere. Can someone help please. Thanks
  6. alikat1109


    Good Morning, I'm trying to cut this picture out. Can anyone help. I only need the rocks w/o the letters. I use Sure cuts a lot pro 3 Thanks
  7. alikat1109


    I can't find this font anywhere! I tried 1001 fonts but says cant download. Do you know where I can find it?
  8. alikat1109


    Can someone please tell me what font this is. Thanks
  9. How do I cut an image multiple times on sure cuts a lot pro? I'm using MH871. I have a job and need to cut an image 100 times. Please help. Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone, I need help. I have a sticker that i'm trying to cut. It's mulitple colors, and the center of the words are not cutting, also the performance at the bottom isn't cutting at all. What am I doing wrong? Also if someone can tell me how to paste a picture instead of uploading it on here that would be wonderful LOL. I'm using sure cuts with a mh871 PPPPPPPPPPPPPP.EPS
  11. alikat1109

    Cutting thru the image

    I did but shut down after. I will try again tomorrow. Thank u
  12. alikat1109

    Cutting thru the image

    Hello, I just put together my MH871, and I ran a test cut and (several times), and it's cutting through my image. How do I stop this? Thanks Allison
  13. alikat1109

    Cuts not closing

    here it is. let me know if it shows up
  14. alikat1109

    Cuts not closing

  15. Would you be willing to part it out? I have the same one, but only need parts. Like the Vinyl roller, and new usb.