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  1. Hi everyone !!! Actually I work with an small Silhouette Cutter Vinyl, no problems at all making decals, doing this for a couple of years and I like it. But I would like to escalate, moving for something bigger, not fancy or expensive but something that let me do things bigger and better. Silhouette is a good quality machine and I am really impressed with the quality of my work. But sadly they don't manage bigger machines. I need your feedback or reviews about some decent quality machines, reliable and affordable I would appreciate your help. Thank you !!
  2. Mikelodeon

    About Silhouette SD

    Hi everybody. I just wonder if I can use Sign Blazer or any other cutting software with Silhouette. Actually I use Silhouette 1.5.0 as cutting software, and I wonder if I can make something with my Corel Draw X5 and then export the file to any format can be used for Silhouette or Sign Blazer. What type of file should I use?? I have found exporting/importing to DXF is not enough, something else is missing. I am new on this, trying hard. Thank you !!! P.D.: I have found some lines are missing when I am using my Silhouette SD machine (in intricate designs) but when I cut simple or linear designs the cutting is 100% complete. is this issue because the complicate design or something in my software? I am using 1 in thickness and 5 speed. Thank you !!!!!!
  3. Mikelodeon

    Graphtec Silhouette

    Perfect ! I appreciate all your comments and points of view ! You are very helpful. I know what I am going to buy... I want to start small but strong, I think this kind of things are medium/long term if yo are serious, I have to study and learn. Thank you again !
  4. Mikelodeon

    Graphtec Silhouette

    Thank you !!! for 75 bucks I can get a bigger one... but better ? from USCUTTER ? what is your advice for a newbie ? I am going to keep doing my homework Thanx
  5. Mikelodeon

    Graphtec Silhouette

    Come on guys !!! Nobody wants to help? What about those guys from USCUTTER ? What about the moderators ? It is a easy question ... easy to answer. I am just doing my homework. Thank you.
  6. Mikelodeon

    Graphtec Silhouette

    I can see USCUTTER is selling this product for 179.99 plus FREE shipping BUT Graphtec America is selling it for 299.00 I can see a big difference in the price. My questions are: Why this difference ? Are they selling exactly the same product? Or GraphtecAmerica is selling a newer version? Somebody can explain me what is going on here? usually you can find some price variations depending of the store, but I am just curious about this. Experience made me learn "usually" cheap or economic prices have something hidden ... or USCUUTER just want to get rid off this items ? Confused here. Help ! LOL
  7. Mikelodeon

    GRAPHTEC craftrobo Silhouette

    Thank you guy ! I was checking the info about Graphtec and I found it is a Japanesse corporation. USCUTTER is just the dealer, that is ok. I am sorry to say this but I found a lot of complaints about USCUTTER products, if you google you will find tons of complaints, that scares people like me (totally new). I have the impression GRAPHTEC is going to be different, I could be wrong ! (correct me if I am ). I am just curious about these things. I can say I do the same but in steel (using cnc, gcode, cad, laser and punch press) I saw these cutters in a shop and I was really impressed, I just wonder if I could make some prototypes or fancy designs from a CAD or Corel using paper or vinyl. I don't know anything about vinyl but maybe my background could help me. I want to try something easy as a hobby, if everything goes good I could jump in the next level. Thank you !!!!
  8. Hi ! I would like to know about GRAPHTEC corporation. Is this corporation Japanese? so the Craftrobo has japanese techonology? GRAPHTEC is the brand and USCUTTER is just the dealer? If I buy this product I am not buying USCUTTER really. Who is going to give me some help in case I need assistance? thank you very much !!!!
  9. I have a question about this product. Could I use this product in order to make those stickers decals you see in the cars? or glass advertisements? What I am able to do with this kind of cutters? Why you use a heat press? Thank you
  10. Hi everybody. I work with CAD for making steel parts (2D). Using CNC and gcode. I have the basis for drawing in software like Corel Draw, no problem with PCs. Just thinking about making those stickers decals, those one you see on your cars, generally all white using positive/negative views. Just thinking if I could do that using a Vinyl Cutter. Some suggestions, recommendations? I would like to get some small, entry level and for beginners, economic and easy to use in order to start. Thank you