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  1. modeverything

    vinyl bending from being on roll "Problem"

    anyone else having issues of the vinyl wanting to roll back up while your trying to work with it? i'v tried flattening it with weight for a few hours after cutting it but it doesn't help, Also tried loosening the roll's up so they wernt rolled so tight that helped a little but it's still hard to work with. anyone have any tricks they could share?
  2. modeverything

    Multi layer problem cutting bottom layers

    Awesome thanks! Exactly what i was looking for!! Thanks everyone for the info
  3. modeverything

    Multi layer problem cutting bottom layers

    on the simple ones that works but the frylock one is a bit harder. i want to cut his hair out so it is one solid yellow block and the black will go over it and make out the fry's! i'm refering to the picture i posted up top in here When i try to remove the nodes on his hair this is what i get
  4. modeverything

    Multi layer problem cutting bottom layers

    That works for holes inside witch does help a lot but it doesnt on the holes that arent closed off. If it's not closed off it doesnt make it, it's own object Here's an example i drew up real quick to explain what im stuck on If i have an image that looks like this The only way i can cut it i would end up with 3 pieces that look like this But what i need is to get it to cut 3 pieces that look like this If i just remove the nodes inside it does work but it will only work on simple drawings on the more complex ones i cant seem to get it to work.
  5. modeverything

    Newb Question for Vinyl

    really! what about vinyl? am i paying to much for it to? i get roll's 12" by 20' for 15-20$ I didnt really look around to much because i didnt think those prices were to bad! But i will now! Thanks
  6. modeverything

    Multi layer problem cutting bottom layers

    it's almost like i used the weld punch through option on it! i guess since there's not layers in a jpeg then something would have to add the colors that are under the top ones. so i guess what i'm asking is, is there any way to fill in the holes on the under layers. The cheap way i found to do it is just not weed the bottom layers but it would be easier if found the right way to do it!
  7. This is going to be hard to explain. When i cut a decal that has more than one color. i would like it to cut the bottom colors in whole so i could lay the top layers over them. when i cut them it cuts the bottom layers with holes for the top layers to fit into. witch makes it super hard to line them up. if they are even a hair off you can see it! i'm using vector magic and signblazer. If this makes no sense i'll take some pictures and post to make it easier i just woke up after a long night of trying to fix this lol Thanks!!
  8. modeverything

    Popular Decals?

    wow you got some posts going on this one lol. I got a DC converter and 2 car batteries and take my cutter with me with a laptop! i'v never done anything like that though. i''d make signs saying "tribal, skulls, sports," stuff like that then if they come up you can say what are you looking for and pull some stuff up for them to look at. i think they would think it was really cool to watch you cut it might even get some business just from that! any i'm cutting something and someone new is around they always come over and put their nose on the cutter as it's cutting lol
  9. modeverything

    Company logo idea

    lol tito! I made it to look like tivo's logo but thats it only resemble tivo not exactly the same so i dont think they could do anything about it
  10. modeverything

    Company logo idea

    Thought this was kinds cool it would only work if you had a small company name though
  11. modeverything

    Newb Question for Vinyl

    some places call it transfer tape here's an amazon listing this is what i use and have no complaints with it
  12. modeverything

    Glow In The Dark Vinyl

    Hey can you send me your email i would love to get some of the glow in the dark vinyl!!
  13. modeverything

    layering graphics in SBE

    Hey i am also new just learned how to make them. Under "DRAW" there is an option for registration marks but for some reason it's always greyed out and wont do anything. i found this somewhere and use it seems to work good. just make sure you open it first then import your picture because if you work on something then open it, it will close your work and open this as a new one! "Attached file" When you click on the CUT button and it brings up the new cut window look on the left side there's all your colors you can click on one color or ctrl+click each one to display more than one! whatever is being displayed is what will cut! I'll check back here if you have any questions i'll explain more detailed sometimes i shorten things so much nobody can understand them lol The Registration mark i attached always cuts no matter what color your cutting!! rego.SBD rego.SBD
  14. modeverything

    Transfer tape problems

    another reason is if your hand is sweating and you rest it on the vinyl and it takes awhile to weed it will put a layer of like greese from your hands on it and not stick as good
  15. modeverything

    Template for ATV Polaris RZR (for wrap)

    I'm not familiarly with Wraping but found these. they might not help you at all but just in case i figured i'd post them