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  1. Okay so I got a US Cutter MH 871 a couple months ago and I have had this very persistent problem. I use my cutter with an HP Touchsmart tx2 laptop and I use the usb cord. I have had to replace my usb cord SEVERAL times because it does this thing where it just stops cutting in the middle of a job and then it gets worse and worse until it just wont cut anymore, so then i go buy another cord. Does anyone know why this happens? and is there a way I can utilize the other cords instead of the usb? Thanks, Swizz
  2. Swizz Apparel

    Pizza delivery car topper

    I have been approached by a friend wanting to know if I have the ability to cut a sign for a pizza delivery car topper. And I have absolutely no idea. Does anyone know if there is like a semi transparent vinyl that I could use for this job? or just any info on pizza delivery car toppers Thank you!