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  1. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Have you grounded your cutter ? If not I highly suggest you do .
  2. Briguy

    Convert SBD files to EPS

    My new cutter came yesterday with Vinylmaster and quickly realized I couldn't use my sbd files . Panicing at first lol , this morning thanks to this thread I was able to get back to work . Thanks !
  3. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    What my budget allows until I get the money for a Graphtec in a few months .
  4. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Tried pen test and tried with nothing in the carriage. Just brought it back to my friend and ordered a MK2 to use until I get the $ to buy a Graphtec.
  5. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Stand and cutter are grounded, tried drier sheets in my vinyl rolls as well
  6. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Haven't tried with the pen, I don't have any paper big enough .
  7. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Yes, it starts out fine then its cutting the image towards the left . I always set it to cut from right and press the origin button before sending file to the cutter .
  8. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    I've had great success with my first mh . Didn't have one issue with it . Got this from a friend to get by until I can get a graphtec .
  9. I'm going to Graphtec as soon as I get the $ . Hopefully a month or so .
  10. Know anywhere I get get it ?
  11. Briguy

    MH 721 not cutting correctly

    Ive reinstalled SB and double checked my settings and still seems to do it
  12. This is the original MH 721 , the current memory board is WS628128LLPG-70 .
  13. Hi, I've had this model for years and running great with Sign Blazer . I recently bought by friend's MH721 and it's fine with small jobs . I've been trying to figure out what the deal is . Smaller stuff like 3x3 and 12x12 it great . I'm trying to cut a number that it 11.5x60 and its starts out correctly but everytime time the blade goes all the way left until it hits the side . Tried changing the cutter settings to design size and still does this. I don't get why it's doing this and never had a problem with my old 721 . Thanks for any help .
  14. Years ago I bought the memory upgrade for my MH cutter . Now, I am using a friends until I can get my Grsphtec . Looked to order the memory upgrade and US Cutter doesn't have them anymore . Anyone know I can get it ? Only found one other place and they are out of stock .