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  1. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Blade offset problems

    You are correct BigMac, the offset should be around 0.25MM. 0.25 is what you should enter into SB even if your units in SignBlazer are set to inches.
  2. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Where did it go?

    Try pressing the "F7" key to zoom to the drawing objects or "F8" to zoom to the workspace. This may show you where the objects are.
  3. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Blade offset problems

    The blade offset units is actually in millimeters no matter what units you have SignBlazer in. I think it is usually set to about 0.02 to 0.03 millimeters.
  4. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    quick question

    I don't think the color means anything at all.
  5. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    What's the difference between elements and pro?

    You can check out the additional features of the pro version at: It also comes with a hardware lock that plugs into a usb port which enables you to easily move it from computer to computer.
  6. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    sizing issues

    When you are on the print screen select the "Fit" button. Then select scale 1 to 1. This will then print the graphic to the same same size.
  7. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Cant get my cutter to cut!?!?!?

    See if this helps at all:,1602.0.html
  8. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    How do I seperate this image?

    I think you will need to first split them apart "Arrange" - "Split Objects" and then select the objects that make up each image and then combine those "Arrange" - "Combine Objects". To select each object, hold down the control key while you draw a selection rectangle around each image.
  9. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Jerry Bonham

    It is with great sadness that we notify you that Alfred David Jeremy Bonham (Jerry) passed away suddenly on Saturday 15th March 2008. Always in our thoughts and in our hearts. Kindest Regards, The staff at Colorchrome First
  10. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    Try to Print on Printer

    Printing from SignBlazer should work the same as any other software. Does the printer icon show up in the task bar and are there any errors showing?
  11. Bruce SignBlazer Support


    You may need to convert the image to monochrome before you vectorize. Select the menu "image" - "mode" - "monochrome" and then adjust the slider until you are happy with the results.
  12. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    signblazer issues

    I suspect that something has not been installed correctly. Try installing this update, it wont show up under "check for updates" as it is not part of the official release yet. Also find and install the latest drivers for your video card.
  13. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    sb vectorize dialog box

    Only Logo/art #2 is available in SignBlazer Elements. The pro version has other modes available. Maybe you were running the demo version.
  14. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    after a month, issues developing

    This file works fine for me. If you are using the USCutter version of SignBlazer Elements then try downloading the latest update from:
  15. Bruce SignBlazer Support

    after a month, issues developing

    Please upload a SBD file that locks up the computer when you go to cut. We should be able to find out what the problem is if we can repeat it. For the live update issue, what version of windows are you using? On some vista computers we have seen live update problems. A fix is being worked on for this. In the mean time you can right click on the SignBlazer Icon and change the target. The last part of the target will be "SignBlazer LiveUpdate.exe", you can change the last part to "sbnt.exe" so it bypasses the live update.