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  1. Im using Flexisign Pro. It WAS the offset. I set mine to 0.016 and it works like a dream!!
  2. PCUT leaves a TINY uncut section on all cuts. So when I am trying to weed something that is small or thin it ends up getting ruined. Is there a way to ensure it cuts all the way thru a line and doesnt skip a TINY section? Its annoying and a waste of Vinyl. Any suggestions?
  3. I got my PCUT 630 today and I'm loving it. It's not as fast as my brothers CAMM1 Pro but it does the job I had a simple qustion, how do I cut the sheet of when I am done cutting my sign/decal? The CAMM1 Pro has a "Cut Sheet" button you hold down and it cuts from one end to the other. Anyway I can do this on the PCUT?