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  1. dlwheeler

    All cuts are shrunk

    Got this fixed. I reinstalled Sign Cut and it's working now.
  2. I must received my PCut CT630 this week, made some good cuts with it starting out, was working on getting the blade pressure properly adjusted to make weeding easier, so I got about 10 good cuts out of it. Now, everything I try to cut ends up cutting lengthwise, no matter how I have it set up in SignCut, and it's shorter and distorted. A 5"x5" image cuts at about 4"x1.5". Larger images cut longer, and the same height. I've checked all settings in SignCut, and reinstalled drivers. I can't get it to cut from SignBlazer at all, it just freezes the cut window.
  3. dlwheeler

    Getting started

    I was just searching online for heat presses earlier today. I realized that will be something I need. What's the lowest cost heat press that you would recommend?
  4. dlwheeler

    Where to host website?

    I've been using Godaddy for years with no complaints.
  5. dlwheeler


    You would think they would appreciate the free advertising.
  6. I purchased a cutter that will arrive tomorrow. My main purpose was to us it for cutting airbrush mask and templates, but I'm finding that there are many more uses for it. What items are the best selling, if I want to get into business cutting stickers, vehicle graphics, t-shirts, etc? What should I focus on the most to make money?
  7. dlwheeler

    Wrap video training

    You can sign up here: https://www.oracal.com/members/signup.asp