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    USCUTTER SC on Big Sur via SCAL Pro 5

    Resolved: So when you migrate your data from one Macintosh to another, keep these things in mind: 1). The SCAL software will move with the system migration in-tact 2.) You will have to disable the SCAL software key on the old Mac and activate your software key on the new Mac in order to create anything 3.) You will need to go to Cutter menu > My Cutter > Manage Cutters and re-establish the cutter list configuration data (Brand/Model) even if they are still listed. 4.) Verify all other cutter settings such as connection type (USB/Printer)
  2. Rainbow2022

    USCUTTER SC on Big Sur via SCAL Pro 5

    I am having the same problem using a Titan printer, SCAL 5.0 on a new M1-chip-based MacBook Air 2020 OS Monterey. The SCAL 5.0 software cannot see the cutter connected via USB hub. I have tried multiple USB hubs. The problem did not exist using older MacBook Air and the same USB hubs.