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  1. Hockeymom

    "Teach Em To Fish" Manual Tracing - Lesson 1

    THANK YOU!!! This is amazing. It will definitely take time to learn, but I love having the knowledge. I don't cut alot of graphics. Mostly lettering, but this will definitely give me more options. Again, I can not thank you enough for your time in sharing your knowledge and teaching me to do this myself. ;D
  2. Hockeymom

    Tinker bell with wand graphics request please

    Thanks for the tinkerbell. Not sure what I will use it for but is always nice to have.
  3. Hockeymom

    Need help!!!!

    I am not very good at vectoring, but have been able to skate by with what I do know and have learned from all of the awesome posts on this site. I usually just use inkscape (very basic knowledge). I can't seem to get this particular graphic clear enough to cut. I would be very appreciative is someone could help me out. I know what font is used. I just need the graphic part done. Thank you in advance for your help. SJBLadiesLogobytammiecoppola[1].pdf SJBLadiesLogobytammiecoppola[1].pdf
  4. Hockeymom

    Looking for a schnauzer

    Thank you so much it worked great. I will try to take a picture and download when I get a min.
  5. Hockeymom

    Looking for a schnauzer

    I am looking for a schnauzer. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  6. Hockeymom

    Vintage Wonder Woman Font

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find a vintage wonder woman font? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Hockey Mom
  7. I am getting really frusterated so I hope that someone can help. :wall: I am trying to cut a 6x6 text tile. There are 3 lines of text. Starts out fine, cuts the tile and will cut the first half of the first line and then it seems like it is still cutting but does not cut the vinyl. It leaves a mark on the vinyl but no cut. What is going on? This happened the other day with a graphic. I had a picture of 3 ducks, Cut one great and the other 2 just went thru the motions but did not make the cut.
  8. Hockeymom

    P-Cut missing parts

    I am in the same situation. I did not receive the blades and thought that was all I was missing. I think what I have is the plotter pen holder. Two pieces. Looks like it could be the sheath and the handle. I am new to cutters, but I think that the holder for the blades and the plotter holder are 2 different things. I sent US Cutter an e-mail today, and have not heard back from them. I did receive my blades after e-mailing them so lets all hope that this can be fixed quickly. It sounds like you may have the same 2 pieces that I have.
  9. Hockeymom

    New to vinyl cutters

    Just received my pcut. I am new to vinyl cutters, but looking forward to a new adventure. I have not set anything up yet. It is a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? Looking forward to chatting with all of you. This forum is great and looks like it is a great support system.