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  1. I do not quite understand what program you are talking about. The VE LXi Master Plus 19 program from the MUSE plotter can connect to the plotter, including via wifi, and read files from the Ilustrator and Corel Draw. TruCut and PrecisionCut from Llumar and SunTek had a very good selection of templates for many vehicles. Windows, hoods, fenders, bumpers ... And they had few template errors, and the optimal subscription price, and I also work with their materials. This is all compared to other programs. They promise that their new CORE film cutting program has even more machines and even finer details. Many firms make similar programs. Xpel, 3M, DFL, TinTek20 / 20 .... But they all have + and -. For example, you need to immediately buy films for $ 10,000 or buy monthly for at least 3,000 or buy subscriptions for a year for 1,500 or few templates or bad templates ... But the main thing is I don't know if I will connect this plotter to them. Signwarehouse says work with our TinTek20 / 20. And if it is not ideal for toning, but the templates for making cars for PPF sucks there. At first I thought about changing the plotter, but it's cool, with backlight, two knives, a touch screen, works from a flash drive and over the network, and almost everyone else can't do that. And I also had different plotters. With all of them, there are always some problems, you always need to configure something, reconnect and reconfigure ... Something like that.
  2. Thank you so much. I'll talk to their tech support.
  3. I've always used my WiFi plotter. When connected via usb, it was identified as SKY32 Vi in the unspecified section. But that doesn't make it any easier. Now I'll check if it makes friends with the program for Graphtech.
  4. Their tech support is not very verbose. When I tried to connect the plotter to the old program, they said there was nothing they could do, use ours and no other. Now the answer from the bottom was the same. I didn’t know these plotters are the same and didn’t try Graphtech drivers. Looked that my plotter works on HPGL and also decided that the name of their original program contains bulls VE. I thought it was Vinyl Express. And I just saw the Vinyl Express GE6000 (HPGL) plotter in the Llumar program. I chose it and it worked. It wasn't that hard. Now tech support responds in the same way. This is just awful support. And I have a new problem that I'm trying to solve. Because I learned from you that VE and Graphtech seem to be the same thing, now I will try to download the program for connecting Graphtech and check whether it will work or not.
  5. Because there is no alternative. The old program was very good. And I was also told that I would not connect this plotter to it. Like this plotter only works with the tint tek 20/20 program. But tint tek 20/20 loses much to Llumar when cutting template PPF. I was able to connect to the old Llumar program by sorting out plotters with HPGL in the list of equipment in the program settings. But the old program is no longer supported by Llumar and they do not renew their subscription. Now they have released a new one called CORE and there is no list of plotters. The connection is different. And they promise that this program is many times better than the old one. So I am trying to connect my plotter to it.
  6. Hello everybody. Please tell me how to connect a plotter, if anyone has come across this: I bought a MUSE M60 plotter. The plotter works well through the Production Manager LXi Master Plus 19 program, through the intermediate VE LXi Master plus19. Works via usb and built-in wifi over the network. But I need to cut out the PPF and tint the film from another program. I used to use the LLumar PrecisionCut program. Not finding this plotter in the list of equipment in this program, I connected a plotter to it, choosing the Vynil Express 6000 (HPGL) plotter from the list of available plotters. There were no errors, everything worked fine. But now the company no longer supports this program. Llumar has released a new program called CORE. And in order to connect a plotter to this program, you need it to be displayed in the device manager, i.e. in connected printers. After that, a virtual printer is created based on this via Generic Text Only and indicated by CORE MUSE_M60. But MUSE plotter does not show up in Device Manager on Windows 10 x64. It is not displayed at all on the computer. But it works fine only through its program, which does not help in any way to cut PPF and tinting. Tell me how to see it on your computer?