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  1. Ok so I reinstalled drivers, matched the com ports in device manager and SignBlazer. Chose the RedSail Cutter in setup, imported a file and sent to plotter. That works now but when I start the plotter it sends the blade? or whatever it is across the plotter and the plotter "spits" out the vinyl paper, the blade? comes back and starts cutting in the air it seems.
  2. Hello! I tried SignBlazer and yes I can import files, the bitmap/vector options are bit tricky to learn but I can't send the file to the plotter. I keep getting an error. Well, I didnt know she had the idea of buying a plotter and the fact that she bought the plotter until she asked me for help... So how could I have checked here first... Also, what's wrong with getting help even after buying? Lol She is not planning to run a major business, mainly for private stuff or for friends and family. Thank you.
  3. I will get back to you in a couple of hours when I'm actually home to try it. Thanks Alright. We will give Signblazer a go in a couple of hours when I'm back home. What cutter do you recommend then? She paid almost 300€ for the Refine plotter secondhand
  4. I think either you have misunderstood or it was me not expressing myself correctly. If so, my bad. English isnt my first language. The main issue lies within ArtCut not showing any files properly. No .jpg, png, svg, eps, nothing. When hitting "Open" or "Import" no file shows up in the file explorer, when trying to drag in a file, the file appears white/blank/empty, however the topbar says the file name so it is kind of opening the files, just blank if that makes sense
  5. Yeah I meant tutorials for SignBlazer, not sure how that software works, trying to hit "Help" and "Contents" wont do anything
  6. Not quite the advice I was looking for but do you have a tutorial for that software? Not sure if its supposed to look like this
  7. Hello! My mom bought a Refine EH-721 secondhand. With it came the software ArtCut2009. She mentioned that the guy she bought it off demonstrated the machine and it worked without issues. Now that she has the plotter at home and ArtCut2009 installed it just won't work. ArtCut simply won't open any files, be it .jpg, .png, .svg nor .eps. all files appear blank/white/empty for some reason. Therefore we cannot vectorize nor sent to plotter/cutter We tried via "Open file" and "Import" both to no avail. We did however try VinylMaster DEMO and opening .jpg, and .png worked without problems. We were also able to vectorize but cannot sent to plotter because it's the DEMO version and spending another 150€ is out of question. Any advice?