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  1. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    My usb went bad so its the serial connection I have been using for awhile now
  2. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    Thanks I have installed the signblazer its give the same response when a job is sent for cutter. I am out of idea
  3. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    Thanks will try it and give a feedback, I really appreciate everyone's effort in helping a brother.
  4. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    Master vinyl cutter
  5. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    Thanks for your response, Yes its begin working fine until two days ago and everything else works fine till this moment. Test, pause, movement keys, set up all works fine. Just when I send job it displaces testing with a short sound.
  6. Jereal

    Display showing testing

    Thanks for the reply, please I have closed for the day, but its jacks and move to touch the red button on the end showing testing on the screen over and over until it finishes spooling.
  7. Great to be in a forum where help is being rendered, thanks in anticipation. Please my MH721 MK2 plotter is showing testing repeated when I send a job for cutting. What could be the problem and how can I get it resolved. Thanks