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  1. chrise_91

    mh 721 no respone

    ok will try that thank you for ur help
  2. chrise_91

    mh 721 no respone

    not to sure if i can mention company names but brought it of sinzsworld uk last year and yes i did purchase the adapter of amazon
  3. chrise_91

    mh 721 no respone

    im using windows 10 and no windows updates turned them off i can also cornfirm it does the diamond test cut and yes i have tried andapter with and without and i have downloaded signcut pro 2 and the cutter still doesnt give any respone
  4. chrise_91

    mh 721 no respone

    hi people i got a mh721 vinyl cutter with signblazer and have no respone from the cutter pc device manager ( ports - com 3 ) signblazer settings ( refine mh721 - com 3 ) both dual band 9600 i have changed usb contections to usb to 9 pin and vise versa and still no luck its like the cutter doesnt wont to do anything brand new cutter and i had it working like 5 weeks ago and no settings have changed any help would be great