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  1. Redmike52

    Vinyl Alignment Tape

    I recently saw a vinyl cutting video where there were alignment marks across the front of the cutter. "Self," I thought, "than would be handy." So off to Amazon to see what I could find. There I found an adhesive backed 24" tape measure that was right-to-left reading. It's a great improvement over the Mark 1 eyeball I was using to align my vinyl.
  2. Redmike52

    Another new guy to vinyl

    I bought a PrismCut to give myself options when building scale models. I returned to building models after a decade away. So many things to re-learn and learn. One of the most important is that old decals don't go on models very well. When they fall apart you're left with a dilemma for finishing your model. I saw on modeling forums how people were creating decals and painting masks with vinyl cutters. I looked at Cricut and Silhouette and felt they were too limiting. Since my wife does a lot of crafting, it was my excuse to buy a real vinyl cutter. The first thing I cut were flower decals for her! I'm glad to find so much helpful information on this forum.