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  1. Hi Haumana, I appreciate the prompt response! Using VM Cut v4.3 How do tell the Cutter to return to the origin point using the registration mark. So basically you stating that this LaserPoint3 is not ideal for creating retail ready 1-2 color designs, correct? Are you recommending to go back to basics and cut, contour and then just mask as a square/circle/triangle?
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a LaserPoint3 with VinylMaster v4.3. I want to do the following with my cutter: (As I saw this hack on TikTok with Silhouette) Create a contoured design Place the vinyl on cutting mat Load the mat and send to cut Leave the vinyl on the mat and weed the design Cover the weeded design with transfer tape and cut the contour through Is this possible on VinylMaster v4.3? or any software utilizing the LaserPoint3? Look forward to a reply