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    Receiving Data but not Cutting

    I do have one yes, would I be just checking continuities? I think I may give that a go in download some demos, at least if it works yeah it'll rule out software fault. It has the printer style input as well, and came with a USB to Printer style. That plugs into the 'Parallel' port though, of which I'm unsure what that means.
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    Receiving Data but not Cutting

    That is correct yes, they literally unplugged it from their laptop and gave it to us, carefully transported to ours and plugged back in. Could the adapter still show its communicating without setting the job going if it was faulting? I'll definitely make note of both of your recommendations though! Ive looked into downloading some other software, but obviously don't want to go down the route of purchasing more software if like you say, its me being silly and just overlooking something simple. If I do decide to try something new, do you have any recommendations?
  3. Right, hello all! This is all very new to me, so bare with the best you can and forgive me if I use any incorrect terminology. So we recently picked up an Liyu SC641-A off a good friend of ours who runs a printing company. With the purchase, they also kindly threw in the Computer which they had, up until recently, been using to run it (so it should work and be compatible). When we down to collect it, they even gave us a demonstration of it working off their new laptop, to show the cutter was in full working order. Software wise its running Windows 7, CorelDraw alongside SignBlazer elements for cutting, connected via a USB to serial converter (again which they showed was in full working order) MY ISSUE After faffing around for literally 7+ hours and tirelessly reading through existing Forum discussions, I managed to get the Computer and Cutter talking. Problem is, once I send it to cut, I get nothing. Now I do believe they are communicating, as once I send it to the cutter, the display shows 'Receiving Data' before returning to idle having not completely its job. Or having done anything for that matter. THINGS I HAVE TRIED Making sure all the COM settings matched up (picture below) Altering the COM settings in parallel such as upping the Bauld rate, to see if it made any difference Tried alternative COM ports through 1-4 as well as different usb ports Uninstalling an Re-installing driver software that came with the Cutter (have tried numerous files off the installation disc to see if this makes and difference, but have resided to what I believe to be the correct one) Ran the 'Test' on the Cutter to see if it was mechanical, which it isn't Tried altering Origin point on Cutter Tried different files and shapes Despite all this I'm still not getting anything, I've even tried phoning them to see if the could assist but I've tried everything they've suggested, so I'm now at and ends and unsure how to proceed? Ive even tried downloading 'Sure cuts a lot' to my Mac, but I can't install the Driver for my Cutter, as the uscutter.support page no longer works? Any help will be much appreciated, Jake