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  1. bryan149

    Need Help!! ASAP

    Does anyone have a dog house with a dog in it,ect or something of that nature. i need to get a decal printed ASAP..please email me at with your images i can send to my client.. thanks!
  2. bryan149

    Dog House

  3. bryan149

    Dog House

    Does anyone have clipart of a dog house in eps or ai. vinyl cutting format? thanks in advance!
  4. bryan149

    PDF to eps.

    I have a pdf i need into a eps. can anyone help me out? thanks in advance! nick%20no1.pdf
  5. bryan149

    skull and cross bone

  6. bryan149

    skull and cross bone

    anyone have a skull and cross bone clip art? thanks!
  7. bryan149

    Vinyl for cri-cuts

    we are putting together a box of misc sizes, colors of vinyls we have to much of...will make a good deal.send me a pm..
  8. bryan149

    Need help with a pdf

    thanks! ill give it a shot and let you know
  9. Can someone make this pdf into a file in ai or eps vector based so i can cut these for my friend?thanks a ton!!!
  10. bryan149

    Need help

    if the guy sends me the file i will post,thanks!
  11. bryan149

    Need help

    I have a customer that used auto cad for his graphics... he said it can be imported into corel draw, if anyone has corel draw, is it possible for me to send you his file and you put it into a vector based file for me to cut in flexi sign? Thanks!
  12. bryan149

    Whats a good transfer tape?

    i use transfer rite, main tape, r tape...
  13. bryan149

    wow never again

    yea 641 is thicker , 651 is 2.5mil i think.. ive had that happened to me before, if your backing is stick when you peel the vinyl the blade is cutting to deep into the liner and you need to adjust the setting on your machine.. i always get that when i put in a new blade...
  14. bryan149

    Which Vinyl

    yep 651 is great!
  15. bryan149

    Glow In The Dark Vinyl

    my camera wont take pics of it in the dark due to the flash... all i can do is take a pic of the roll, but i mise well copy a pic of the internet and post it since its the same lol