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  1. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems still

    Bingo! On the offset.. Looking good now! Thanks! Old LXI software I was using from my old cutter must have been set different for that Vinyl Express cutter
  2. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems still

    Thats what I was thinking.. What I have is 20lb inkjet bond from my old Design jet... Maybe 24lb? or heavier?
  3. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems still

    I set blade depth by hand using a scrap piece. I finally figured out this machine hates paper as it wont track at all no matter how much tension is on the pinch rollers.
  4. Hey all. Just got this US Cutter MH871-MK2 after my 20+ year Vinyl Express cutter finally died. Finally got it to track halfway decent. The cut lines are not at all consistent thickness wise. Even the center circle is thicker in some areas than others. Same with the leaves of the Maltese cross. Speed is 50mm/sec and pressure is 20 gr Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems

    Ok, so I figured out this cutter does NOT like paper at all.. Maybe to thin for this el cheapo cutter.. Vinyl tracks a lot better and the cuts are doing decent. Was hoping to use the pen for larger woodworking scroll saw patterns but I guess not. UGH! You truly do get what you pay for.
  6. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems

    Sorry, darned autocorrect. Was supposed to say track, not stack
  7. Byron999

    871-MK2 Problems

    Hey all. Having issues with this machine. Just a few days old. Wish I had found these forums before buying this thing. I had a 20 year old Vinyl Express cutter I bought brand new years ago and it finally bit the dust. Worked great with no tracking etc issues.. Ok onto the problems. Note: I am using the pen and a roll of paper but that should not affect things I would think. Machine refuses to stack straight. I've tried adjusting the tension from all the way off (the way it came, threaded rod flush with top of nut) to all the way down a little at a time. I put a straight edge on each time to be sure they are even. Still doesn't track right and causing distortions in a drawing. My 20+ year old cutter never ever had tracking issues unless I got the vinyl in crooked. On this one since it's apparently to cheap to have 2 measuring tapes I did measure and put a mark on blue tape even with the marks on the tape. Yes, I'm now realizing this is a bottom of the line cutter.. QUESTION? Will US Cutter take it back without screwing me over if I buy one of their better cutters? My old one had no issues doing big panels. This one cant even do small stuff. Sure, I would love a Roland or Graphtec. However I'm retired and on a fixed income. Just trying to make some boat gas money with sandblasting mugs etc. Last pic was done with my old cutter years ago