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    HPGL to GPGL

    ı am not using any software for it, actullay ı am creating my own app , and ı ı created some designs and i need to cut with the cuttign machine which works with GP-GL but ı dont know how to save those designs to my app database, so can ı write those command language for GPGL by myself or is there any way to write Commands?
  2. Mike Ouwen

    HPGL to GPGL

    Hİ , I want to know is there any way HPGL files turn into GPGL ? If yes ,anyone pls help me for how to do it ,thanks
  3. Mike Ouwen

    SVG convert to GPGL

    Well thanks guys . so such a formats like SVG , is there any chance to direct into the plotter ? Coz when I direct the file to the plotter it doesnt react at all . I thought SVG is not a choice for cutting through silhoutte device.. So can you suggest me any file formats that I can give a try ? What I feel SVG files cannot react by device coz of the common moves on blide not reacting at all. So its little pitty in my end to find out Cheers!
  4. Mike Ouwen

    SVG convert to GPGL

    Perfect so here is the issue that I am having exactly now. There is a Sillhoutte Portrait 2 Device. I had create the APP even for cutting only Phone Screen Protection. I have the phone screen sizes as SVG. so what type of images I need to convert into for cutting through this device? What I found is the files must be GPGL but as you said its a communicate to plotter . So What must be the file formats? Do you have an idea? Thanks in advance for your kindly shares...
  5. Mike Ouwen

    SVG convert to GPGL

    Hi , i have some svg files and i need to convert them into GPGL but don't know how to do it, anyone have idea for it Regards