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  1. BeardedSpartan

    MH871-MK2 Help

    Just got off the phone with them and they are sending a new MB out. Thank you for your help!
  2. BeardedSpartan

    MH871-MK2 Help

    yea that was created from pushing the TEST button. Thanks ill give them a call.
  3. BeardedSpartan

    MH871-MK2 Help

    Honestly not sure how to look at which com port im using. Attached is the TEST i just did.
  4. BeardedSpartan

    MH871-MK2 Help

    Software is vinylmaster. Computer is windows 10. Setup the cutter and drivers like the videos showed. USB connection.
  5. BeardedSpartan

    MH871-MK2 Help

    I just got my MH871-MK2 and trying to get everything setup. Went to make my first cut and it doesnt follow the vector at all. Just squiggly lines. Ive tried blade on vinyl and pen adapter on paper and this is the kind of stuff i get. Was trying to make this as a test and get whats in the pic. Have also tried font and it doesnt seem to want to do anything right. I really hope someone can tell me what is causing this so atleast if i have to call support i can have some kinda idea. Im coming from the cricut world to this and im so lost right now.