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    Sublimating 12oz enamel mugs

    I have some, but wasn't sure it would seal tight around the lip of the mug since its not flat like most ordinary coffee mugs, do you have good luck with the shrink wrap? I've only done a couple and have troubles getting it to seal flat without wrinkles, one i tried was on a 20 oz tapered tumbler and it kept trying to to put a ripple in the sublimation paper at the bottom where the tumbler tapers. ive been doing vinyl for years but just dipping my toes into sublimation so i'm open to suggestions from those who have ventured before me.
  2. Valhalla Vinyl Graphics

    Sublimating 12oz enamel mugs

    PYD Life on amazon, they seem like they will be perfect little mugs for camping. Do you have a favorite place you buy your cactus wraps? i've been looking at them, looks like that is the direction i need to head for these, wonder if i can find small enough ones because these mugs are pretty short. thanks for your help.
  3. Valhalla Vinyl Graphics

    Sublimating 12oz enamel mugs

    New to sublimation, figuring it out as I go. I recently purchased some 12 oz enamel camping mugs that have a raised lip, I am curious what others have found work best as for time, temp, and press? I have just a normal mug press and it is tough to get good consistent pressure on these mugs due to the lip, I try to put the lip just outside the press to get good pressure on the main part I am trying to sublimate. Open to any suggestions others have. Thanks